Each session comes with a short quiz, and there will be more test quesions at the end of the whole course.

Absolutely! While safety may seem daunting at first, this course is set up to help you master the guidelines and principles needed to be confident in your use of essential oils. You will be learning during the live sessions, and also in the student forum, with dedicated and experienced moderators.

Almost certainly. We do not know what safety issues are covered in detail every aromatherapy course, but safety guidelines continue to evolve. Since most derive from Robert Tisserand’s book (Essential Oil Safety, 2e, co-author Rodney Young, PhD), by learning from him directly you will be getting “the scoop” right from the source!

Yes. Each session comes with slides and notes that you can print before or after the session. These are for you to keep and refer to at any time.

Not a problem. Each live session will be recorded so you can watch it later, and you will be able to ask questions through our learning portal. The sessions will be available for the remainder of the course, plus an extra four weeks after the last session.

We are planning to schedule them at 11am PDT (7pm GMT). This may change slightly depending on where most of the students live.