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Spotlight on Jasmine – uplifting, energizing

Jasmine is a perennial favorite, and it has proven to be a useful tool for enhancing mood and increasing central nervous system activity – basically, energizing.

The research cited below indicates that both Jasminum sambac and J. grandiflorum absolutes show CNS stimulating properties when inhaled or diluted and applied with massage. Among the observed effects were increased heart and breathing rate (not to a dangerous level) and increased beta wave activity. Beta waves correlate with alertness, focus and sharp thinking.

Jasmine flowers are too fragile for cost-efficient steam distillation, so the fragrant material used in aromatherapy is most commonly an absolute, but could be a CO2 extract. – aromatherapy massage with Jasminum sambac…/236235613_The_effects_of_jas… – inhalation of Jasminum grandiflorum – inhalation of Jasminum grandiflorum

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