Essential Oils and the Skin 1: Healing Oils

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Questions and Answers

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I am a bit confused about the slide showing dilution equivalents. From all I have learned, a 1% dilution is 5-6 drops/1 ounce of carrier. Your chart shows a 1% dilution as 10 drops per ounce. Am I reading things incorrectly? Thanks for any clarification.

No, you are not reading this incorrectly. Most people follow Andrea’s guidelines, and for 20 years I used to (coincidentally) give the same guidelines, based on my own brand of essential oils. I changed this in 2000, after reading a research paper “An investigation into drop sizes of essential oils using different dropper types.

This concludes that one drop varies in weight between 17 and 47 mg. For volume the researchers found that the number of drops per ml varied from 18 to 50, giving an average of 34. I have rounded this down to 30, and this is the basis of my recommendations in the Skin Series and in Essential Oil Safety.

Drop size varies with essential oil and with type of dropper, so it’s not a precise measure.