It’s a bit of both. While you can go through the materials at your own pace, we release the lessons and materials on a weekly basis. We found that keeping a schedule not only helps you stay on track, but also makes it easier to interact with your fellow students if you are progressing at the same time.

Absolutely! You can either post your questions in the dedicated student forums, or you can ask Robert Tisserand during one of the live Q&As.

Live Q&As in the form of an interactive webinar with Robert Tisserand will take place on three Thursdays: October 4th, October 18th and November 1st at 11am Pacific Daylight Time. You will be automatically enrolled in these and you will be sent a reminder.

Each session will be followed by a short quiz, and there will be a summary test at the end of the whole course.

We will let one of our previous students answer this one:

“The information presented is appropriate for all levels, and although I am just beginning my aromatherapy journey it all makes sense.”

Almost certainly. Robert is presenting up-to-date information in depth that most aromatherapy courses don’t have time and space to go into. Many of our students said that the Safety Masterclass helped them grasp what they learned elsewhere in more detail, or complemented their previous education.

Yes. Each session comes with slides and notes that you can print before or after the session. These are for you to keep and refer to at any time.

To keep the pace of the course, lessons will be released every Tuesday starting September 25th.