Diploma in AromaDermatology (Student ID: 1616611)

$112.00 / month for 8 months

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Essential Oil Safety Masterclass


Essential Oils for Healthy Skin, 2nd Edition


Formulation Module 1: Oil-based Products and Aqueous Sprays


Formulation Module 2: Hand-stirred Lotions and Emulsions


Formulation Module 3: Essential Gels and Serums


Essential Calculation


Good Formulation Practice: Create Consistent Quality


Oxidation & the Shelf Life of Essential Oils


AromaDermatology study group



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5 courses, 4 single lessons over 36 weeks of classes.
Term 1: Theory, starts January 31, 2023

  • Essential Oil Safety Masterclass 2e, 8 weeks
  • Essential Oils for Healthy Skin 2e, 9 weeks
  • Oxidation and Shelf-life of Essential Oils, single class
  • Essential Calculation, single class

Term 2: Practical formulation, starts June 13, 2023

  • Essential Formulation, 8 weeks
  • Emulsion Essentials, 4 weeks
  • Essential Gels and Serums, 4 weeks
  • Good Formulation Practice, single class
  • Workshop with Robert Tisserand, single class


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