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Compliment your Special Report with a related video webinar from Robert Tisserand:

Irritation and Allergy

Sample of webinar. Full webinar is 45 minutes. It comes with a PDF to download of references, citations and notes in the webinar.

It is webinar #4 in the Complete Skin Series (9 videos webinars + PDF notes and references for each video).

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In this video, bundled with the Cinnamon Oil Special Report, you will learn

  • What patch testing is, along with its pros and cons.
  • The differences between irritation and allergy.
  • Why you can be allergic to essential oils, and the mechanisms involved.
  • The principal risk factors in skin allergy.
  • The difference between absolute risk and relative risk.
  • How to avoid irritation and allergy.

Bundle price includes Cinnamon Oil Special Report + Video 4 “Irritation and Allergy” from the Complete Skin Series. Normally bundle will be $59.

Introductory price $49

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