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Starting Sept. 12, 2023

Essential Oil Safety

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Starting August 22, 2023

Formulation Module 1

(Oils & Waxes)

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Starting June 13, 2023

EOs for Healthy Skin

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Next Enrollment: 2024

Formulation Module 2

(Emulsions & Creams)

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Starting August 15, 2023

Aromatic Chemistry

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Starting June 27, 2023

Essential Oil Kinetics

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Starting October 24, 2023

Formulation Module 3

(Gels & Serums)

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Starting Sept. 19, 2023

Beyond the Bottle

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Next Enrollment: 2024

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The Aromatic Skincare Program

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Next Enrollment: 2024

The Complete Formulation Program



Starting June 13, 2013

Diploma Programs 

Stacking credentials, the ultimate journey to essential oil knowledge

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Lise Andersen

Dr. E. Joy Bowles, PhD, BSc

Dr. Petra Ratajc, PhD

Robert Tisserand

Hana Tisserand

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