Diploma in AromaDermatology

This is a unique opportunity to join the first ever class of its kind.

Six courses, four single classes, three tutors, a cohort of fellow students with the same dedication as yours to learn how to make safe, evidence-based and effective products for application to the skin, using essential oils. 

Your tutors are Robert Tisserand, a global expert in the field of essential oils with 50+ years of experience, Lise Andersen, a living legend in natural cosmetics formulation, and Hana Tisserand, the heart of the Tisserand Institute with 15 years of adult education under her belt. Together they form a powerhouse of knowledge that is guaranteed to show you how to make essential oils a functional addition to your therapeutic skin care practice.

The material is regularly revised, with updated Formulation Essentials live in 2024, as well as a brand new course focused on making sprays with essential oils. 

Spend the next ten months learning how to take care of your or your clients’ skin, and connecting to your fellow essential oil enthusiasts in a dedicated group, just for the Diploma Program.

Next Enrollment: 2026 – See how you can get on the Diploma track sooner! 

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Our next full Diploma in AromaDermatology cohort will open in 2026, but you can get started
sooner by completing individual coursework credits toward your full Diploma credential. 

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What You Get in the Diploma Program

6 FULL COURSES – 35 weeks of instruction in two terms (Theory, Practice) 
The AromaDermatology Diploma consists of 5 of our courses – Essential Oil Safety Masterclass 2e, Essential Oils for Healthy Skin (NEW, updated and live in 2023), Formulation Essentials, Formulating Aqueous Sprays, Formulating Emulsions and Creams, Formulating Gels and Serums. 

You will also get access to Essential Calculation, Good Formulation Practice and Oxidation and Shelf-life single classes, plus a workshop with Robert Tisserand specific for the diploma. 

We are here to make sure you succeed on this marathon – with live student groups and extra chat and forum just for the Diploma cohort.

You will be able to consult your final project work with the tutors before you submit it for grading.

On top of the nine months of instruction, you will get plenty of extra time to develop and work on your finals.

Including student forums, live lessons and Q&A sessions, printable materials and guidance.

Course Schedule

Next Enrollment: 2026

Term one (theory)

Term two (practice)

There are 35 weeks of classes, spread over 10 months, after which there is time for finals and assessments. The 4 single classes can be taken anytime during the program (timing will be suggested).


Classes run once per week, and most are 50 minutes, plus Q&A. Essential Formulation and Formulating Sprays lessons will be live. Other course lessons are pre-recorded. For the pre-recorded courses there are live Q&A sessions once every 2-3 weeks.

Study time

Students should allow about 3 hours per week for study, or more if interested.

Course Content

The detailed class content for the 5 courses can be found in the dedicated page for each course under Course Breakdown.


There is a quiz at the end of each class, and an exam at the end of each course. There are no separate exams for single classes. There will also be practical project work, which will be assessed at the end of the full AromaDermatology program.


All of our training courses are accredited as continuing education by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Most relevant professional organizations will accept our courses as CE credit, and we’re happy to assist with the paperwork.

If at any point you find you are struggling

We are here to help you. On top of our usual student support that you know from other courses, the Diploma comes with a dedicated support group with monthly meetings with our team. We want you to succeed!

What courses will you be taking? 

Essential Oil Safety Masterclass, 2nd Edition

Instructor: Robert Tisserand

This eight-part online course will show you how to evaluate the risks against the benefits of essential oils, and make informed decisions about safety. You will delve into the science, and the reasoning behind safety guidelines. Whatever your level of knowledge, this certification masterclass will enable you to confidently and safely use essential oils according to current evidence and best practices. New and updated lessons in 2022! More here

Oxidation and Shelf Life (single class)

Instructor: Robert Tisserand

This single class delves into the issues of oxidation and the proper storage of essential oils. Robert Tisserand explains how to best protect your oils from oxidation, what to do once they have oxidized, and how oxidation impacts safety. Included is a printable handout with the shelf lives of most commonly used essential oils. More here.

Essential Oil for Healthy Skin, 2nd edition, NEW in 2023

Instructor: Robert Tisserand

Essential Oils for Healthy SkinUpdated in 2023

Learn how to address common skin ailments and how to mix and blend essential oils, CO2 extracts and fatty oils with other ingredients to promote healthy and radiant skin. This program is an exhaustive exploration of what is known. Each class dives deep into a specific area (such as microbial balance, sensitivity, or barrier function), and explains the underlying principles. Robert then gives practical guidelines on how to address skin conditions with essential oils, fatty oils and other extracts. More here

Essential Calculation (single class)

Instructor: Hana Tisserand

You love essential oils, and you got hooked into aromatherapy – but nobody told you there will be math. And looking at all the ratios, percentages, milliliters, ounces, drops, maximum dilutions and charts can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Join Hana Tisserand as she guides you through calculations and conversions with ease, giving you simple tools and making sure you get it, so you will never again have to ask: “How many drops is that?” More here.

Good Formulation Practice: Create Consistent Quality (single class)

Instructor: Lise Anderson

Is it possible to make safe cosmetics in a home environment? Can you make high quality products on a small scale? How do you keep track of all the ingredients, and store them to prevent waste? In this single class, Lise Andersen shares her decades of experience in setting up a functional workspace so that you can create high quality and safe products with consistency. More here.

Formulation Essentials: Oils, Butters and Waxes

Instructors: Lise Anderson, Robert Tisserand

UPDATED and LIVE in 2024! During seven fascinating classes, Lise Andersen shares her passion, know-how and professional techniques for creating silken whips, balms, serums, lotion bars and more. You’ll explore the pros and pitfalls of several plant oils, waxes and butters, and discover how and where to procure the right equipment and fresh, raw ingredients. There is also one lesson with Robert Tisserand, who personally guides you in creating safe and beautifully scented therapeutic and cosmeceutical blends for adding to your formulations. More here

Formulating Aqueous Sprays

Instructors: Lise Anderson

Brand NEW course on making one of the most popular yet most misformulated aromatherapy products – a spray. Lise Andersen will explain the basics of making this water-based product to ensure safety and success. Included are stock formulas and all you need to get you started with your room mists, facial spritzers or countertop cleaners.  

Formulating Emulsions and Creams

Instructor: Lise Anderson

Light on the skin, smooth in texture, easily absorbed, and virtually non-greasy. What’s not to like? Emulsions are the mixtures of water and oil that we commonly refer to as creams or lotions. But can you really make safe, stable emulsions at home? Lise Andersen is here to show you how! More here

Formulating Gels and Serums

Instructor: Lise Anderson

Gels – those translucent substances that can run anywhere from almost liquid to pretty solid. We know they are great for therapeutic applications of essential oils – but can you make them in your own aromatic apothecary? Lise Andersen says yes you can! This class is perfect for the mid-level formulator who wants to advance beyond simple oil-based products and aqueous sprays. Gels and serums are a particularly useful tool for delivering essential oils topically. More here

Workshop with Robert Tisserand

An exclusive for the AromaDermatology Diploma, Robert will offer a worshop that ties all the knowledge you gained together. He will touch on product development, blending, and decision making, as well as assessment. 

Meet your tutors

Robert Tisserand

Author | Speaker | Founder of Tisserand Institute

Robert is one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy with over 40 years of experience. He is a speaker, educator, author, and consultant on the science and benefits of essential oils and their safe and effective application. Robert has inspired audiences in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan on topics ranging from the therapeutic foundations of essential oils to examinations on essential oils and the skin.

Robert wrote one of the first books to bring awareness to aromatherapy in 1977, The Art of Aromatherapy, and is a co-author of Essential Oil Safety (2nd Edition, 2014), a book that sets industry standards for the safe use of essential oils.

Tisserand Institute Instructor Lise Anderson

Lise Andersen

Formulator | Founder of LisaLise Pure Natural Skincare & Formulators’ Kitchen

A self-professed ‘green’ formulator, Lise works with luxurious natural plant-based ingredients – preferably as raw and unprocessed as possible. Entirely self-taught, she has years of experience in researching, testing, and developing cosmetics.

Lise is the author of several DIY e-books on making skincare and haircare products, herbal extracts, and more. She also offers consultation and bespoke formulation for beauty brands. Visit her blog where she journals her experiments and shares know-how on everything from making no-soap cleansers to pressed eye shadow.

When You Complete the Diploma


Your diploma will be signed by Robert Tisserand, Lise Andersen and Dr. Kandace Knudsen, our education director. The Tisserand Institute has been setting the global standard for evidence based high quality essential oil education for many years. The diploma is a proof of your knowledge and expertise. 

A detailed transcript of your course curriculum, including contact hour counts, as further proof of your expertise and continuing education.

You will have created a usable skincare product under the guidance of our team and tutors, that you can use in your practice.

The Tisserand Institute is proud to have a global body of learners, and during the months of the program you will be able to create new contacts for knowledge sharing as well as inspiring collaborations.

Why a diploma and not just individual courses?

From the inception of the Tisserand Institute, we wanted to create a modular, stackable form of essential oil education. This means that you can pick and choose individual courses according to your needs, and at the same time build a bigger credential.

Now, you can build something bigger from scratch. Similar to a university program, you can step beyond individual classes and courses, and become a part of a diploma group that journeys through them all together. Plus, we will be assessing competencies, and not just knowledge.

Cohort-based learning

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a group of individuals advance through an educational program together. Here are some of the benefits of cohort learning:

Support: Cohort learning connects you to the support of peers and faculty.

Structure: Because you advance through a program with others, cohort learning provides structure in the form of set due dates (weekly, monthly, etc.) and discussion forums.

Collaboration: Especially in an online environment, a cohort learning model facilitates social interaction and collaboration with your peers. This can enhance your learning experience and sense of community as you progress through an online program.

Perspective: A cohort learning model expands your perspectives. This is a unique benefit of cohort vs. on-demand learning; in the latter, your perspectives are the only ones available.

What previous students say about these classes:

The extraordinary expertise of R. Tisserand in EO. Explanations are clear, based on facts and clinical facts. Wonderful courses. ~ Laure Mattia
Thank you for such a wonderful and informative class! I have learned an abundance of wonderful information to not only help me to help others, but also to be able share my newly attained knowledge to help others better understand EO safety. I’m hoping for more of these in the future as I expand my knowledge of Aromatherapy! Thank you again! Blessings to all! ~ Lisa Macy

I wanted to thank you so much for this class! It was wonderfully organized and I looked forward to it every week. I really appreciate all your efforts to bring essential oil safety awareness to everyone. I am constantly referring to your book in my store and recommend it to all of my students. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am really looking forward to future classes! ~ Natalie Hajdu-Voakes

I enjoyed the way Hana and Robert interact to make sure the material is understood. ~ Debra Gildernew

I want to thank you for this course. I feel so confident having your institute as my education platform. I’m a beginner but with your amazing education, it won’t be long before I’m a pro!

The prompt response to our questions is fantastic. The presentations each week are very educational, they address my concerns about safety, and the overall format is brilliant!

I really enjoyed the course! Hope to take another in the future. Thank you both! ~ Carol Friberg

I loved the way the information was organized and the depth of information. I can do some real formulating now- like a pro! I also just love the “freshness” of Lisa and Hana, and the calmness of Robert. What a great team! I also SO appreciate the ongoing feeling that I am dealing with experts when dealing with Tisserand Institute. Thank you! ~ Tina Hammer

This is a rare opportunity to study with two of the world’s leading experts – don’t miss this chance! Let Robert Tisserand and Lise Andersen guide you in creating safe and effective blends and products with parameters based on solid scientific research.


Will there be notes for me to review?
Yes. Each lesson comes with printable handouts of the slides used in the lesson, and additional lesson notes. These are sent to you before each lesson and are for you to keep and refer to at any time.
I am a certified aromatherapist. Will I learn anything new?
Many of our students have commented that our courses helped them grasp what they learned elsewhere in more detail, or complemented their previous education. Some of our students are lifelong learners, and some are teachers.
I am new to essential oils. Is this course for me?
We will let one of our previous students answer this one:

“The information presented is appropriate for all levels, and although I am just beginning my aromatherapy journey it all makes sense.”

Will there be assessments or exams? What kind?

Each weekly lesson is followed by a multiple choice quiz, and there is a summary test at the end of each course. Passing both the weekly quizzes and the final tests is a requirement for certification.

You will be given enough time to prepare for the test as well as three attempts to pass. 

Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely! In addition to the live Q&A sessions, you can post your questions in the dedicated student forums where the tutor and the TI team will address them. 

What if I cannot participate on a live session?

All of our live sessions are recorded and are posted on the learning platform within 24 hours so you can watch them, or rewatch as needed during the course. 

How long will I have access to the recordings?

You will have access to all the videos for at least four weeks after the last lesson (see course description for clarification as this changes for individual courses). All the printable materials (notes, handouts, charts, etc.) are of course yours to keep for reference forever.

Do you offer continuing education credits?

Because we have students from all over the world and of many professions we are not able to offer credits for specific organizations – there are simply too many. However, we issue a confirmation of CE hours gained on the course that you can apply with your professional organization and will be happy to assist with any additional documentation.

At the moment, we are an Approved Continuing Education Provider with NAHA. 

What if I fall behind or cannot attend classes?
We have found that running classes on specific dates works best to help you finish a program. You join a class of students, and learn along with them. Many students help each other with queries, and of course our tutors are there too. That said, if you miss a few classes you should be still able to comfortably jump right back in and if you do fall behind you can request extra time. Of course this cannot be indefinite, but we do our best to help you get your certificate.