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Finally, the therapeutics equivalent to EO Safety is here!

You asked for therapeutic properties - and we delivered!

For many years, Robert Tisserand has been asked to emulate what was done in Essential oil safety 2e, but for the therapeutic properties of essential oils. And for a few less years, we have been working on delivering a tool like that to you.

Dr Petra Ratajc and Robert Tisserand weeded through hundreds of research papers to identify those that are most relevant to therapeutic use. Each profile underlines the properties that are based on good research, complete with citations so you can verify for yourself that what we are saying is valid.

Highlights from each paper are shown in the Properties section, and then summarized in the Therapeutic Overview as well as Uses and Indications. This makes the database an especially valid tool as you can choose how deep to explore each of the oils.

All the papers included are about whole essential oils, so no extrapolation from constituents was necessary.

The database currently comprises 26 essential oils, which were selected based on the amount of valid research available for the whole oils and their safety profiles. We bring you the most researched and safest oils – and we will be adding more profiles going forward, with six more planned for 2024. All included in your purchase today.
Profiles featured: Bergamot, Chamomile, Citronella,  Clary Sage,  Coriander (seed),  Copaiba, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Orange, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Tea Tree.
Added in 2023: Myrtle, Myrrh, Frankincense, Clove, Cardamon.
Planned for 2024: Imortelle, Oregano, Cumin, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Vetiver. 

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“Over the years I have read so many research papers only to get halfway through the papers and find erroneous conclusions, processes and applications not relevant to human application. I’ve come to just scanning to see if the pages and pages were worthwhile and wow! even that is tedious! One can either practice or research research but both at the same time is overwhelming while dependent upon each other if one is to use Essential Oils safely at whatever level–especially when one is not a scientist. To have experts in the field who have done this, and created a reliable database, is again further evidence of the Tisserand Institute Team’s standard of integrity, transparency, and determination to keep Aromatherapy education science-based.” – Wisteria Ward, Diploma in AromaticScience 

Take advantage of this dynamic tool that takes the guess work out of selecting the most appropriate oil. Our experts vetted the papers included to make sure only relevant research was taken into account!

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