Fundamentals of Essential Oil Therapy

Fundamentals of Essential Oil Therapy

This entry level single class brings you all you need to know before you get serious about essential oils. Whether you were introduced to them by a friend or just keep hearing about their amazing properties and not sure what to make from all the noise on the internet, you can trust Hana Tisserand to distill the information you need. She dubs the class “all I wish I was told when I started”, and will help you build a solid foundation. What exactly are essential oils? Are they safe or dangerous? Who uses them and why? Which oils to get to begin with? All of that packed in a single class.

Price: $39 US

Build a solid foundation for everything else you’ll ever learn about essential oils

This is our first ever class for essential oil beginners! You don’t have to wade through post after contradictory blog post. Start off with information from a source even the educators of the aromatherapy world come to for more knowledge!

Hana Tisserand will be your guide, and will make sure you understand: 

  • What exactly are essential oils, and where they come from.
  • What are the different reasons and motivations of the various users of essential oils
  • How you can use EOs safely and effectively.
  • The 3+1 oils that Hana would take on a desert island – with the research to back up her selection. 

Also for you if you’ve been around essential oils for a bit but want to get your facts straight and perhaps decide if you’d like to be more serious about them. 

First offered as a live webinar with Q&A! 

If you are an experienced essential oil user this class probably isn’t for you, but you may consider gifting it to someone you know who is just getting started – to make sure they get off on the right foot!

What You Get in the Tutorial

A 60 minute recorded presentation where Hana walks you through the fundamental information.

Recorded Q&A
Recording of the Q&A session that happened after the first live class.

A downloadable handout with all the slides.

You’ll have access to the recording to watch and review as needed.

Hana Tisserand

Chief of Operations | Educator | Course Moderator

Hana is our captain of operations and communications. She hails from Prague, and brings a strong background in French and English translation and interpretation that’s proven essential for our global student base. Being raised in a family of doctors and nurses had primed her for a specialization in medical translation, which she counts alongside her experience working with politicians, authors, and educators. She has been working with Robert Tisserand for six years.

Hana supervises our staff, manages our teaching platform, organizes courses, hosts webinars, commissions blog posts, oversees the creation of social content, writes our newsletters, and is our go-to IT technician. Somehow, she finds time to write her own blog posts, too.

What previous students say about our courses:

Wonderful and very useful class. Thank you! ~ Yamileth Otero
Thank you for sharing new ways to calculate! I learned a lot of calculations via my classes at Formula Botanica, but you taught me two new ones and I am most appreciative!! Thank you Hana! You’re awesome! 🙂 ~Lisa Macy
I cannot say thank you enough for offering this class! I have never been excited for math in my life! But this is something I will use every day. Thank you so much Hana! ~ Caron Della Flora
Again, thank you for this absolutely great little course! ~ Nadine Tiwari
Essential Calculation course made me more confident and faster to calculate. After all, it wasn`t so difficult … ~ Ana Paula Mendes

Don’t let this class slip by! Build a solid foundation in essential oil knowledge.

Ready to get started?