The Joy of Research:

Evaluating Aromatherapy Evidence

New oil? New client with a condition you haven’t seen before? Want to check a claim for an essential oil, or look for new evidence in a specific area? There are many reasons we turn to published research. This class will equip you with enough understanding of how research is conducted, reported and critiqued, to assess the quality and relevance of the document you are reading. Some research studies are better than others and some are more trustworthy and more applicable to the use of essential oils. Dr Joy will empower you to become the detective – building your case, evaluating the evidence, and then coming to a conclusion.

Price: $39 US

Dr E. Joy Bowles, the expert in going down rabbit holes, is here to show you how to navigate the research universe, with her unmatched enthusiasm!

Whether you need to verify a claim for an essential oil, or you want to make sure your practices are evidence-based and in line with the latest science, reading and evaluating research should be in the toolkit of all healthcare providers and users of essential oils. Which is why we decided to bring you this single class that will show you how to approach new evidence, how to build the case for or against a claim made, and how to never again be fooled by false or fragile claims.

Topics covered include:

  • Why bother with research?
  • Types of research
  • Collecting evidence
  • Making your case
  • Learn how to manage your references like an academic

This class is for anyone interested in the evidence-based, therapeutic use of essential oils. Whether you are just discovering the world of aromatherapy or a have been practicing for years, Dr Joy’s passion for the subject will turn you into a research nerd – and that’s a good thing! Plus, the skills you’ll learn can be applied to any research that relates to human health, and help you discover new information for yourself.

What You Get in the Class

Recorded presentation where Dr. Joy walks you through the basics of evaluating evidence about essential oils and aromatherapy.

A recording of the live Q&A session. 

A downloadable handout with all the slides, plus notes with detailed explanations, resources, and a glossary of terms.

You’ll have access to the recording of the webinar to watch and review as needed, no deadlines.

Dr. E. Joy Bowles; PhD, BSc Hons

Author | Educator | Researcher

Joy wrote the very first course on essential oil chemistry in Australia in 1991. Her book, The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils (2003) is the textbook for many aromatherapy courses the world over.

For her PhD, awarded in 2007, Joy investigated how essential oils might affect cognitive function in dementia. After years of experience in primary healthcare, Joy is back to creating courses on the chemistry and evidence-based therapeutics of essential oils. Helping others understand the chemistry and pharmacology of essential oils is one of her life’s passions.

In 2021,  Joy received the Alliance of International Aromatherapist Outstanding Contribution to Aromatherapy Award in recognition of her long-standing devotion to the field. 

What previous students say about our courses:

I took Lise and Robert’s class last summer and loved it. ~ Amanda William
Thank you, that was wonderful! I can’t wait to make this! ~ Darlene Sekijima
Loved this, especially the Q&A, thank you all ❤️ ~ Techla Wood

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