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Essential Oil Kinetics Masterclass: From Application to Effect

with Dr. Petra Ratajc, PhD

What happens after an essential oil comes in contact with your body? While it’s true that specific oils have certain properties, choosing the right oil or blend for an ailment is only a part of the solution. Where do you apply? In what dose or dilution? How frequently and for how long? The pathways that essential oils take in the body, and their mechanisms, can greatly influence therapeutic efficacy.

Over six live lessons, Dr. Petra Ratajc will introduce you to pharmacokinetics – the journey that essential oil constituents take as they move through your body – and what this means for effective application. We’ll compare psychological and pharmacological mechanisms, look at the blood-brain barrier, and the fascinating “nose-to-brain” route. Finally, we’ll discuss appropriate dose, dilution, delivery system, and mode of application, based on everything we have learned.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – this is an intensive course, but our teaching format makes these concepts easily accessible. Plus, Petra and the TI team are here for clarification and support throughout. Up for the challenge? Then join Petra in this Masterclass, and chart your own path to making optimum therapeutic decisions.

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Enrollment closes March 8 @ Midnight.

What You Will Get in This Course

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6 Weekly Lessons

6 Weekly Lessons

Six 60-minute online classes instructed by Dr. Petra Ratajc.

6 Live Q&A Sessions

6 Live Q&A Sessions

Take part in six live Q&A sessions with Petra, one after each lesson.

Printable Course Material

Printable Course Material

Extensive downloadable handouts and course notes with links to additional research and resources.

Dedicated Group Discussions

Dedicated Group Discussions

Access to our private online forum to ask questions and interact with Petra, the TI team, and classmates.

Ongoing Learner Support

Ongoing Learner Support

The whole TI team will guide and support you throughout the course.

6 Extra Weeks!

Ongoing Course Access

Ongoing access to webinars and learning materials for six weeks after course completion.

Important Dates and Enrollment

Enrollment closes March 8

The first lesson takes place March 10

Essential Oil Kinetics: From Application to Effect Certification

Your certificate will be signed by Dr. Petra Ratajc and Robert Tisserand, and issued by the Tisserand Institute – leaders of evidence-based instruction on the therapeutic use of essential oils.

Course completion and certification demonstrates your in-depth understanding of how essential oils are absorbed and metabolized by the body, and your knowledge of the safe and effective applications of essential oils for aromatherapy clients.

Course Breakdown:

  • The structure of the body, and how it processes nutrients and foreign molecules
  • Comparing single substance medicines and natural complex medicines
  • How essential oil constituents are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated
  • The difference between pharmacological and psychological mechanisms
  • The olfactory system and the brain
  • Olfactory receptors and the sense of smell: pathways, mechanisms, anosmias
  • How essential oils influence the body and mind via the olfactory system
  • The psychological effects of odor; hedonics, semantics, expectation
  • The respiratory system, and what happens when we inhale essential oils
  • How compounds transfer from the air to the lungs to the bloodstream
  • The blood-brain barrier and the “nose-to-brain” route
  • When and how to use respiratory inhalation as a therapeutic method
  • The structure of the skin, and factors that influence permeability.
  • Penetration pathways, penetration enhancers, and how much is absorbed.
  • Blending essential oils for optimal absorption.
  • Safety issues, and when to apply essential oils topically as a therapeutic method.
  • The digestive system, and the route essential oils take after ingestion
  • Liver metabolism and the bioavailabity of essential oil constituents
  • Using essential oils for flavor compared to therapeutic doses and effects
  • Determining when the ingestion of essential oils is appropriate
  • Calculating and measuring appropriate doses and dilutions
  • How essential oil blending affects calculations of efficacy and safety
  • The therapeutic window, cumulative dosing, and at-risk groups
  • Deciding on appropriate modes of application, delivery systems, and protocols

About the Tutor: Petra Ratajc, PhD

Biologist, Researcher and Educator

Dr. Petra Ratajc is a co-founder and president of the newly established Association of Aromatherapists of Slovenia. She holds a PhD from the University of Ljubljana where she researched the quality, safety and efficacy of local aromatic herbs. Petra specializes in medicinal and aromatic plants, secondary plant metabolites, pharmacognosy and pharmacology – specifically focused on plant volatile constituents.

Besides bringing a specialized and unequivocal depth of knowledge to this course, Petra is an experienced lecturer and presenter at various seminars and workshops. To get a sense of her work, check out her research-based plant biology blog The PhytoVolatilome.

What previous students say about the Tisserand Institute:

Seriously, though, if you are into essential oils or aromatherapy at all, you really should check out Tisserand’s work. It’s fascinating, accurate and well researched stuff.

Rachel May Resch

Having completed the two courses now I love how your platform works.   It’s easy to navigate, the modules are presented in a way that is easy to follow  and the open book format really suits mature adults who haven’t studied in a long while and also have a lot of other situations to accommodate in their lives.

Lynda Hallam

Dear Hana, Robert and Team,

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I had many conflicts in my schedule but you and your team set everything up to be as easily accessed by computer as possible. Hearing the Q&A as well as the print outs was also a real bonus. I learned many new things I was unfamiliar with and those are the real value!!

Thanks and again and many blessings to you all.

Sara Holmes

I’d just like to say thank you so much for producing this amazing class. When I first signed up, on a bit of whim to take  advantage of the special price, I wasn’t calculating the cost in Australian dollars. So I got a bit of a shock when I got my visa bill! However, the course was worth every cent. The webinars were great with an abundance of extra material and research links (still getting through it all). Also the opportunities to have questions answered, despite not being able to join the Q&A sessions.

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,


Sonya Edmonds

Many thanks to [the Tisserand Institute team]  for a very useful and interesting course, which was really nicely presented and well supported (with the forum and Q&A sessions and of course your email help & support!) and with such a nice interface for the education portal.


You guys have managed to strike the perfect balance between handouts, webinar, video lectures, chat, Q&A and testing that information has been digested. The information presented was WOW and the interaction between you both on the Q&A was fund and really welcoming. Thank you thank you thank you!

We’ve never offered a more complete, in-depth course on the therapeutic use of essential oils. This is your chance to discover how essential oils work once they enter the body, boost your credentials as a practitioner, and offer clients the best therapeutic options available.


Yes. Each lesson comes with printable handouts of the slides used in the lesson, and additional lesson notes. These are sent to you before each lesson and are for you to keep and refer to at any time.

Many of our students have commented that our courses helped them grasp what they learned elsewhere in more detail, or complemented their previous education. Some of our students are lifelong learners, and some are teachers.

We will let one of our previous students answer this one:

“The information presented is appropriate for all levels, and although I am just beginning my aromatherapy journey it all makes sense.”

Each weekly lesson is followed by a multiple choice quiz, and there is a summary test at the end of each course. Passing both the weekly quizzes and the final tests is a requirement for certification.

There will be five live Q&As: May 14, June 4, June 25, July 16 and August 6.  You can ask questions any time on our online platform.

Absolutely! In addition to the live Q&A sessions, you can post your questions in the dedicated student forums.

The lessons are recorded and released each week of the course. You can watch them anytime from the moment they are released.

We believe that safety should be at the core of any practice using essential oils. This is why we require those who wish to study Essential Oils for Healthy Skin to also pass our Essential Oil Safety Masterclass. This ensures that the knowledge you gain can be applied safely as well as effectively. Understanding essential oil safety from all angles helps you make safe choices for yourself, your family and/or your clients.

You will have access to all the recordings and course materials for at least twelve weeks weeks after the last lesson, so up to the end of October 2020. All the printable materials (notes, handouts, charts, etc.) are of course yours to keep for reference forever.

You don’t need to do the Safety Masterclass again, but we will open it for you as a sit-in to refresh your memory for no extra cost – you just pay for the Skin part. If you have purchased the Safety Masterclass before but did not get the Certificate of Completion, you can use this opportunity to do so. Please check your email for a message about how to proceed. 🙂

Essential Oils for Healthy Skin is an update of the Complete Skin Series, which was launched in 2014. It not only includes much new information, but it is now a certification course.  There are recorded lessons and live Q&A sessions, and you will need to pass the assessments to gain your certificate. This all happens on our new learning portal where you can interact with fellow students as well as ask questions in dedicated forums.

Because we have students from all over the world and of many professions we are not able to offer credits for specific organizations – there are simply too many. However, we issue a confirmation of CE hours gained on the course that you can apply with your professional organization and will be happy to assist with any additional documentation.

We have found that running classes on specific dates works best to help you finish a program. You join a class of students, and learn along with them. Many students help each other with queries, and of course our tutors are there too. That said, if you miss a few classes you should be still able to comfortably jump right back in and if you do fall behind you can request extra time. Of course this cannot be indefinite, but we do our best to help you get your certificate.