Formulating Aqueous Sprays

An Essential Formulation Course

NEW in 2024!  Rooms sprays and mists are some of the most popular aromatherapy products to make.

If water and oil don’t mix, how can we incorporate essential oils into mists and sprays? This two lesson course with our Formulation Tutor Lise Andersen will answer this question for you.

Learn how to make safe and purposeful sprays both with and without alcohol. As with our other formulation classes, we will break down the process and give you options to customize your formula precisely as you need, while also giving you FOUR tested products to make up yourself.

Course starts August 20, 2024

Also offered as a part of our Complete Formulation Program – open for enrollment through June 17, 2024

Prerequisite: Formulation Module 1 OR Good Formulation Practice

  • To be able to enroll, you need to have completed either the Formulating Essentials course ($480) or the Good Formulation Practices single class ($39).

Join us for a two week deep dive into making safe and efficient sprays with essential oils.

Sprays are among of the most popular aromatherapy products to make. 

Lise Andersen has carefully selected ingredients that are globally available, easy to work with, and that can be combined using regular kitchen tools and equipment. She shares her many tried and tested techniques and provides you with the insights you’ll need to create your own aqueous sprays. 

As with all of our formulation courses, you’ll be given step-by-step formulations as well as tools and understanding to customize your own sprays to reflect your specific needs. You’ll learn to work with different surfactants and alcohols to incorporate your essential oils seamlessly in your wonderful products that are as natural as it’s possible to be. Included in the course are Robert Tisserand’s blends for essential oils to be used with the sample formula products. 

Prerequisite: Essential Formulation or Good Formulation Practices

What You Get in the Course

Two LIVE lessons instructed by Lise Andersen, August 20 and August 27 at 10am PST.

Each lesson comes with extensive Q&A. 

Lessons and Q&As are recorded so you can watch and rewatch as needed. 

Extensive downloadable handouts and course notes with links to additional research and resources

Access to our private online forum to ask questions and interact with Lise, the TI team, and classmates

Ongoing access extended access for 8 weeks after the last lesson, and 6 months of view-only access.

Plus You'll Get

A total of four individual tried and tested product formulations with detailed instructions.

Robert Tisserand’s essential oil blends.

A discount for any LisaLise ebooks on creating natural cosmetics.

Tisserand Institute Instructor Lise Anderson

Lise Andersen

Formulator | Founder of LisaLise Pure Natural Skincare & Formulators’ Kitchen

A self-professed ‘green’ formulator, Lise works with luxurious natural plant-based ingredients – preferably as raw and unprocessed as possible. Entirely self-taught, she has years of experience in researching, testing, and developing cosmetics.

Lise is the author of several DIY e-books on making skincare and haircare products, herbal extracts, and more. She also offers consultation and bespoke formulation for beauty brands. Visit her blog where she journals her experiments and shares know-how on everything from making no-soap cleansers to pressed eye shadow.

Course Breakdown

Formulating Aqueous Sprays

What you’ll be learning over the two weeks:

Lesson 1: Alcohol-Free Sprays (August 20, 2024)
  • why water and oil don’t mix
  • surfactants: how they work and how we choose the best one
  • a note on preservatives

Refreshing body mist
Moisturizing spray for curly hair

Lesson 2: Sprays with Alcohol (August 27, 2024)
  • different types of alcohol
  • calculating the right amount for preserving and solubilizing
  • customizing your formulas

Mood Lifting Spray
Bug Repellent Spray

 When You Complete the Course

Your certificate – issued by the leaders of evidence-based instruction – demonstrates your knowledge of safe and effective use of ingredients to make safe and stable gels.


What previous students say about our courses:

Everything – I loved that you covered so many different types of product, there was so much information packed into each lesson and I loved that Lisa shared all her tips from her years of experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much – thank you!

The personalized attention and friendly feel. Sometimes you feel like instructors are holding back their best secrets or knowledge. But I didn’t feel like that with either Lise or Robert. Lise was delightful. I felt like I could just pull up a chair with a cup of tea and we could talk formulations! Also being able to learn about blending from Robert was an incredible treat! I would love to have a larger course about that!! ~Kristi Maxwell

I notice i have been mulling things over a lot from this course and that more has gone in than i thought. I’m having my own distilled understandings arriving – which is proof of quality education. Overall i think it was a very good course and that your online platform is superb – as good as any I have used. ~Nigel Sutton

I appreciated the passion that was put into the course. I stumbled across this by chance and I am so thankful I did. This has expanded my passion and knowledge about formulations. It has enhanced my learning about essential oils. I just want to thank you for offering this course and all that you do. I feel so confident having your institute as my education platform. I am a beginner but feel confident with your amazing education that it wont be long before I am a pro!! ~Penny Ferguson

Everything – I loved that you covered so many different types of product, there was so much information packed into each lesson and I loved that Lise shared all her tips from her years of experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much – thank you!

Dear Hana, Robert and Team,

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I had many conflicts in my schedule but you and your team set everything up to be as easily accessed by computer as possible. Hearing the Q&A as well as the print outs was also a real bonus. I learned many new things I was unfamiliar with and those are the real value!!

Thanks and again and many blessings to you all. – Sara Holmes

The course and online platform are a chance to ask questions directly – and to see everyone’s questions. The entire course – from syllabus to platform, webinars to reminders, handouts to community engagement – is masterfully put together and executed.

It’s helpful to have access to credible information. There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to know what is credible and what isn’t.

Sprays are among the most popular products to make with essential oils and we’re happy to bring Lise Andersen’s expertise and enthusiasm to show you all you need to know to start misting! 

Ready to get started?


Will there be notes for me to review?
Yes. Each lesson comes with printable handouts of the slides used in the lesson, and additional lesson notes. These are sent to you before each lesson and are for you to keep and refer to at any time.
I am a certified aromatherapist. Will I learn anything new?
Many of our students have commented that our courses helped them grasp what they learned elsewhere in more detail, or complemented their previous education. Some of our students are lifelong learners, and some are teachers.
I am new to essential oils. Is this course for me?
We will let one of our previous students answer this one:

“The information presented is appropriate for all levels, and although I am just beginning my aromatherapy journey it all makes sense.”

Will there be assessments or exams? What kind?

Each weekly lesson is followed by a multiple choice quiz, and there is a summary test at the end of the course. Passing both the weekly quizzes and the final tests is a requirement for certification.

When will the live Q&As take place?

For our live courses, the Q&As happen after each lesson. If the course is recorded, we run several live Q&As during the course to make sure you get the opportunity to ask questions live, and our team and tutors are also available on the learning platform. 

Will I be able to ask questions?
Absolutely! In addition to the live Q&A sessions, you can post your questions in the dedicated student forums.
How long will I have access to the recordings?

You will have access to all the recordings and course materials for at least eight weeks after the last lesson. All the printable materials (notes, handouts, charts, etc.) are of course yours to keep for reference forever.

Do you offer continuing education credits?
Because we have students from all over the world and of many professions we are not able to offer credits for specific organizations – there are simply too many. However, we issue a confirmation of CE hours gained on the course that you can apply with your professional organization and will be happy to assist with any additional documentation.
What if I fall behind or cannot attend classes?

We have found that running classes on specific dates works best to help you finish a program. You join a class of students, and learn along with them. Many students help each other with queries, and of course our tutors are there too. That said, if you miss a few classes you should be still able to comfortably jump right back in and if you do fall behind you can request extra time. Of course this cannot be indefinite, but we do our best to help you get your certificate. If life gets in the way and you cannot finish comfortably even with an extension, we always offer our students the option to retake the course with the next class for a small reenrollment fee.