Cinnamon Survey Special Report

Cinnamon SurveySPECIAL REPORTKelly Ablard PhD, Christine Carson PhD, Robert Tisserand

Detailed analysis of the results of a survey conducted in May and June 2015 with practical implication for aromatherapy users

Cinnamon bark and cassia essential oils are regarded as high risk for adverse skin reactions by dermatologists and aromatherapists, yet they are widely used by consumers.

How dangerous are these oils, and what is the real prevalence of adverse events among users?

The Tisserand Institute conducted a survey in May and June 2015 to get a better clinical picture, and 345 people completed the survey.

Our findings confirm that these are high-risk essential oils when used topically, and that most people should dilute them to 1% or less for safe use.

Downloadable, printable PDF file – 16 Pages


Sections of this 16 page report:

  • Background

  • Overview of results

  • Application frequency

  • Dilution

  • Adverse reaction symptoms

  • Time elapsed between application and reaction

  • Ratio of cinnamon bark to cassia users

  • Health status

  • Age and gender profile

  • Discussion

  • Limitations

  • Conclusions

  • Note on statistics

  • References

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