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Formulation Myths and Misconceptions

Formulation is very much like cooking:  getting the recipe or formulation right leads to success and satisfaction – but if you get it wrong, you could be cooking up a disaster. With the popularity of essential oils and DIY product formulation, many myths about cosmetic ingredients have managed to carve out a life of their own.

We felt we had to do something! So we asked Lise Andersen, a brilliant formulator with decades of experience under her belt, to tackle some of the most common misconceptions about product formulation.

In this Tisserand Institute free webinar, Lise will talk about:

  • What actually is a “natural” ingredient?
  • Are preservatives always evil?
  • Is it possible to emulsify a formula by shaking?
  • Why simple formulas are often not simple to make.

Plus there will be time for live Q&A with Lise and, if you attend the live webinar, we’ll have a surprise for you!

Moderated by Hana Tisserand.

Tisserand Institute Instructor Lise Anderson

“My goal with every formula is to employ the barest of basics without sacrificing function or the all-important luxury factor. It’s an interesting and challenging balance to strike that requires in-depth understanding of every ingredient.”

~ Lise Andersen

Tuesday, June 18 | 11am – 12pm PST

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Lise Andersen – formulator, writer, natural cosmetics expert.

Although her cosmetics-making journey began when she was in her teens, Lise Andersen of LisaLise Pure Natural Skincare is still as smitten with the process of creating and producing cosmetics as the day she began.

A self-professed ‘green’ formulator, Lise’s focus is on plant-based ingredients – preferably as raw and unprocessed as possible. Entirely self-taught, Lise has spent years researching, testing, and developing cosmetics for both skin and haircare. She has written several DIY books on cosmetics and herbal extracts for cosmetics. At, she journals some of her work and shares how-to’s on everything from no-soap cleansers to pressed eyeshadows. The site also showcases her work where she offers bespoke cosmetics, custom formulations, and one-on-one consultations. All of her formulas are put through rigorous testing to make them as “foolproof” as is possible. Additionally, Lise is the founder of Formulators Kitchen where the team offers over 100 years of combined formulating experience. The ‘Kitchen’ also includes a members area with knowledge database and discussion forum.

Tuesday, June 18 | 11am – 12pm PST

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