How Essential Oils Work in the Body

PLEASE NOTE: This offering is no longer available.

Free Mini-Course: How Essential Oils Work in the Body
Robert Tisserand introducing the free mini-course:

Would you like to find out…

  • How much essential oil is absorbed from different modes of application?
  • What are the key routes essential oils take once inside the body?
  • What is one of the big misconceptions about how the skin absorbs essential oils?
  • How do different excipients (or bases) affect skin absorption?
  • What happens in the brain when essential oils are inhaled?

These are some basic, yet fascinating peeks into the world of essential oils and how they work in the body.

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If you are new to essential oils, How Essential Oils Work in the Body will be an eye-opening look at some key facts about how essential oils and the human body interact. If you have been studying essential oils for some time, How Essential Oils Work in the Body will also be an introduction to what you can gain from the 300+ slides and over 6 hours of presentation from Robert’s recorded London seminar, The Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils. At the end, mini-course participants receive a special discount on this 15 part webinar series. Sign up to take advantage of the offer!

Still not sure if the mini-course is for you? Here is what others have said about it:

“I wish this was the standard introduction to oils in every school and in every essential oil selling establishment. It is accessible, easy and important information.”  S.B., CFA, Canada

“I have always been intimidated about really studying aromatherapy/essential oils because I thought it would be too much “science” but the way Robert explains things makes them very easy to understand.” S.R., Massage Therapist, USA

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What’s new in the mini-course?

  •  Three times as much material

We listened to your feedback and the video lessons are longer, packed with three times more material!

  • Tailored information

The first edition consisted of clips taken directly from our 15-part webinar series Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils which in turn was recorded at a live event. This kind of worked, but also created some limitations. The topics in the mini-course are exactly the same, but Robert has added some detail and additional slides, to give you a much fuller picture.

  •  It’s still free (and you get a special offer at the end!)

In order to take the mini-course, all you need to do is to sign up and the lessons will come to your mailbox, one a day for 5 days. No credit card details, no payment, no strings attached. And once you complete all the five lessons, we have a special surprise for you.


PLEASE NOTE: This offering is no longer available.