Find Your Value in the World of Aromatherapy

Find your value in the world of aromatherapy with Melinda Coss

Essential oils have a way to grab you, and what started as an interest often turns into passion, and for some, a full-time occupation. You spend hours finding the best essential oils, getting to know them, learning about them, making sure that all your information is the latest and most accurate available. And, naturally, you want to share your knowledge with others.

How can you make sure that your message is heard and the time (and money) spent on gaining insights is not wasted? Join Hana Belikova in a conversation with a business mentor and successful skincare and soapmaking entrepreneur, Melinda Coss, as they talk about setting your value and finding the right mindset to turn your calling into your living.

“I want aromatherapists and alternative therapists to understand that they should be recognising their real value and earning a good living out of their calling both through product sales and by establishing a professional niche and learning how to market it.” ~ Melinda Coss

Thursday, May 24 | 10am – 11am PST


Melinda Coss – Empowering enterpreneurs with intuitive business mentorship

Melinda Coss is a soapmaking guru who decided to take her experience from building her own business and help other entrepreneurs launch their brand. She focuses on mentoring in skincare, and has successful clients all over the world, helping them not only build their own companies, but also give back to their communities. She offers a 24-week Masterclass as well as a 16-week personal mentorship.

“In just 18 months I took natural soaps, made in my kitchen in rural Wales, into every major supermarket chain in the UK. I also sold my soaps to Harrods,  House of Fraser and numerous high end hotels and gift shops throughout the world. There are currently 21 products that I created for clients on sale in Fortnum and Mason, Harrods and Waitrose.  I understand the challenges ahead of you because I have lived them, breathed them and survived to tell the tale.  I am the author of 30 internationally published, best selling books on  soap and natural cosmetic making (and 27 books on other craft subjects).  Named by The Sunday Times as ‘The Delia Smith of Soap making’  I am credited with introducing the modern craft of natural soap making into Europe.  The one thing I have learnt on my journey is that an investment in expertise is the most cost effective investment you can make.”

We are very happy to announce that Melinda will modify her Ultimate Skincare Business Masterclass to fit the needs of aromatherapy!

Thursday, May 24 | 10am – 11am PDT