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Robert Tisserand’s 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award
Tisserand Institute Online Training
Essential Oils and Skincare Live Seminar
2015 London Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology Seminar
2010 Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference
Robert Tisserand’s Live Seminars
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In 2007, Robert Tisserand was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.

Here’s what leading figures in the industry said about it:

Thank you, Robert for a dedicated life for helping millions of people with essential oils and aromatherapy.

Dr Daniel Penoel

Thank you for paving the way. You will never know how many lives you have touched.

Jackie Farnell

Thank you for paving the way and providing me the words to help me help others!

Lora Cantele

Thank you for all you have done for our profession.

Donna Whyte English

Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.

Sharon Hilst

Thank you, Robert – your work makes my heart smile.

Jennifer Jefferies

How do I thank the master other than to tell you your work changed my life! Thank you.

Cindy Loving

Thank you for your amazing contribution. I am truly grateful.

Michael Scholes

Thank you for your inspiring and path-breaking work.

Peter Holmes

Thank you for the gift you have given to each of us in learning the power of essential oils.

Kay Martina

It has been an honor knowing you for the past 20 years. Thank you for all your inspiration!

Linda-Anne Kahn

Thank you so very much for leading the way for us. You are a wonderful teacher and person.

Nancy D’Angelo

Thank you for being, for living so fully, and sharing so generously your love & knowledge of these healing oils.

Kathryn Nance

Thank you, Robert, for inspiring my aromatherapy journey and College with your three important books.

Elizabeth Jones

I am so honored to have met you, thank you for all your hard work and efforts for aromatherapy around the world.

Nicola McGill

Thank you for your inspiration and your contributions to the holism and science of aromatherapy. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

Deborah Halverson

Robert’s live seminars from around the world are offered online by The Tisserand Institute.

Some of the feedback from students of the Complete Skin Series Online:

*WOW* I just finished watching the first webinar “Healing Oils” from Robert Tisserand’s skin series. SOOOO impressed!!!! I love that he is super easy to listen to, easy to understand, and has lots of references. I learned SOOOO much in that 35 minutes! Another thing I love is that there is a PDF to print with most of the slides used in the presentation, so I can scribble notes around and to the side of them for referencing later.
Robert has this amazing ability to make things sounds so simple and basic, and yet you walk away with a deeper level of knowledge and understanding. I don’t know how he does it! Brilliant.

Lea Harris, owner, Learning About Essential Oils

The Skin series are my stable source for almost everything related with esthetics and EOs. The more you listne the more you are fascinated with new data that you didn’t realize at the beginning. Each sentence there contains a lot of information that you wouldn’t otherwise find in such an accessible way. For me this is a treasure because I find answers to many questions that nobody else is able to answer and I can improve my work.

Begona Sanchez

I just finished listening to your first Webinar in the skin series and wanted to tell you how well done and concise it is. Even though I have been in Aromatherapy for more than 30 years, I learned some wonderful things from your webinar and can not wait until the next one is available. Thank you so much!

Dee Gendrin

Thank you so much for your presentation and gathering of all the research available. I have learned so much because when you are running a business you don’t always have a lot of time to keep on top of all the research. I will be adding couple of essential oils to my formulas. Once again thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.

Jenny Simon

Robert, I know you are a busy man but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for you Complete Skin Care video series. I watched the first installment yesterday and it is wonderful! I look forward to the future installments.

Chasa Cochran

I just finished watching/listening to the first webinar. EXCELLENT! I love that there is just SO MUCH packed into that segment. And you touch on so many various issues. No one is going to be disappointed, that is for sure!!!

Lea Harris, owner, Learning About Essential Oils

Thank you for this SKIN SERIES, it is a fantastic job!

Begoña Sánchez

By the way, truly enjoying the series and learning so much.

Diane Valladares

I just wanted to let you know that I have immensely enjoyed the Skin Series!

Kind regards,
Sheila Zeeman

What a wonderful intro video explaining how the course works. Clear and inviting.

Andrea Butje, Aromahead Instituten

Thank you! The course was fantastic! I will refer to it often, and, am already trying out some of the blends.

Nancy Scott

I just wanted to say that your webinars are absolutely superb, so congratulations on producing this series.

Robert Dowdell (cosmetic chemist)

It is fantastic so far! We’re absolutely thrilled to have another resource (Tisserand Institute) to point people to when they are seeking education!

Becky Hill Hartman, admin, Learning About Essential Oils

Robert has offered many Seminars specifically on Essential Oils and Skincare.

Some of the feedback from attendees:

The Essential Oils in Skin Care seminar was awesome! Robert is a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter. I have a much better understanding of essential oils, their benefits to the skin and how to begin blending for my products.
Wonderful experience! So much useful knowledge presented in a fun & understandable way!

Maggie Holmes

Robert was organized, knowledgeable and detailed. He answered all questions to the best of his ability and provided a wealth of information. I recommend his class. I will be blending more effectively, and with greater confidence from today on!

Laura Murphy-Waters

The Essential Oils in Skin Care seminar was awesome! Robert is a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter. I have a much better understanding of essential oils, their benefits to the skin and how to begin blending for my products.

Starla Ledbetter

I really loved the way the class was organized and broken down. Also Robert’s own formulas were an amazing experience. Also he’s so easily approachable. Love his sense of humor! I highly recommend this class.

Alexandra Lee

Two days of useful and relevant information that treat so many kinds of skin care. I’m excited and far more confident about creating skin care products with essential oils! Many thanks!

Marki Cordero

I am always so grateful to study with Robert. The general information and even the slightest little details he shares are so valuable and often open up a whole new world.

Nancy Graves

Excellent presentation by a man who is a walking encyclopedia of essential oil knowledge. A privilege to participate!

Mary Ann Bosnos

Robert has a wealth of knowledge about essential oils that is unsurpassed. A seminar with him is like a whole course condensed into a weekend.

Sarah Bearden

Great seminar for those with some knowledge and experience using essential oils and making products to learn more about potential risks and safe application levels.

Martha Wilczynski

Robert is a master of essential oil chemistry and he is a “nose”. His blends are both therapeutic and wonderful!

Sarah Bearden

The course was a beautiful blend of relevant content and practical implications.

Marki Cordero

Robert is a vast source of knowledge about essential oils and an entertaining lecturer.

Vicki Pearl

Great class! Good beginning and not too elementary.

Sharon Reading

I so glad I came to Robert Tisserand’s Essential Oils in Skin Care seminar to enhance my professional knowledge in skin care therapy as a licensed esthetician.

April Folkman

I feel that my confidence has increased with the new knowledge I have gained and I am happy to have made some new friends in the process.

Dana Bailey

Thank you for your kindness, patience and knowledge shared so generously. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn, clarify, and dialogue freely. I appreciated your information and availability. It was wonderful to spend time with someone who holds the history of our profession, and who is willing to be present (without pretension or attitude) to those of us newer to the field.

Lee Whitridge, after a workshop in Sarasota, Florida in 2010

Robert has a vast knowledge of EO information and is an entertaining lecturer.

Vicky Pearl

It was a privilege and honor to meet, share and spend two days with Robert. Thank you so much!


This seminar offered a very relaxed, pleasant, supportive atmosphere that made it easy to learn.

Amy Davenport

Fantastic class! It exceeded my expectations and increased my desire to learn even more about the use of EOs in my products. Robert’s knowledge of the subject is truly amazing. So thrilled to have taken the class.


Robert is the king in giving information as to “the why” of essential oils in a way anyone can understand.


He knows so much and definitely packed as much into the weekend as possible while constantly checking the relevance of the content – making sure he didn’t go too basic or too advanced.


It was more technical than I expected, but it became apparently clear that the detail was needed to really understand the specific topics.


Not only was the information presented indispensable, Robert communicated a contagious enthusiasm for the topic of aromatherapy. I came out with more questions than answers and the burning desire to learn more.

Linda Mireler

Wow! Robert is fantastic! I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity! Thank you, Nova Studio, for bringing the world’s expert on aromatherapy to your students.

Shalene Poetricek

In 2015, Robert Tisserand led a seminar on Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology in London.

Some of the feedback from participants:

I feel honored to be a student of Robert Tisserand, having just spent two days under his instruction in Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology: the actions of aromatic compounds in the body, at the University of Westminster in London, hosted by ITHMA Principal, Gabriel Mojay.

Karey Shane (USA)

Thank you for bringing us all here to London from so many countries! You shared with us so much really interesting information that is otherwise hard to find. I think we all learned at lot, and are going home with renewed motivation to study the complex subject of medicinal plants..

Ana Licina (Slovenia)

Thank you Robert for your great seminar in London. It was very productive and inspiring, and drives me to study essential oil chemistry more deeply – so I’ve been encouraged to apply for your Webinar so I can revise the lecture and find out more info anytime I want.

Emi Hojo (Japan)

Thank you for a great seminar and FINALLY some presented information on essential oils that is fully based on research. Thank you for your hard work to bring aromatherapy to the level it deserves.

Melani Kovac (Slovenia)

Thank you for a wonderful and most inspirational seminar! I feel I have learned so much, and now have so much more material to study and learn from, and I’m feeling very uplifted and motivated.

Georgina Kirkwood (UK)

I wish there were more seminars like this one. I feel that aromatherapy education (in the UK) does not have a very high standard so your seminar was like breathing fresh air!!

Francesca Mattesi (UK)

Hello Robert – it was fabulous to see you again at the weekend! I enjoyed the seminar enormously. It was so inspirational!

Jennifer Jones (UK)

Yet another fantastic and very informative seminar. I am SO glad we came to England for it!

Sarah Bearden (USA)

Thank you ITHMA for organizing a wonderful seminar with Robert Tisserand. Inspiring, informative and authoritative as usual.

Deborah Taylor (UK)

Thank you so much for your inspirational and informative seminar – I’m still buzzing with the thrill of being there! It was an absolute pleasure and delight to attend!

Sue Adlam (UK)

Thank you for such a fascinating seminar. It was lovely to be reminded of the potential uses of essential oils on difficult physical conditions and symptoms. A fabulous weekend – thoroughly enjoyed it..

Eve Doyle (UK)

I just spent two great days in London with Robert Tisserand in Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology: the actions of aromatic compounds in the body. It was UNFORGETTABLE! Thank you from all my heart.

Ana Licina (Slovenia)

Thank you Robert for sharing your knowledge in such a user-friendly way. I look forward to sharing my action points from this seminar with my colleagues.

Loretto Cattell

In 2010, Robert Tisserand presented on the safe and effective use of essential oils in soap at the Soapmakers Guild Conference in Denver.

Some of the feedback from attendees:

Robert, it was an amazing opportunity to hear you speak at the HSMG conference. I’ve had your books in my collection for some time! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of aromatherapy, it is greatly appreciated!

Allison Kontur

I just wanted to say great job on your presentation. This was an area that many soap makers need information on, so thank you for sharing what you know!

Lori Nova

Your presentation at the Soap Conf was very helpful & my fav of this year! Thank you for coming.

Kristina Bauer

I loved your speech at the HSMG so much!

Ela Heyn McAdams

We LOVED your presentation!

Kelly Bloom

Robert Tisserand’s talk shows us how important it is to follow the story, read the research and get to the facts.

Kayla Fioravanti

Was wonderful hearing you talk at the conference. I learned so much and look forward to see you in Miami!

Rose Cunfer, Sugarloaf Soaps

Robert has offered many other workshops and seminars over the years.

Some of the feedback from attendees:

Robert, it was an amazing opportunity to hear you speak at the HSMG conference. I’ve had your books in my collection for some time! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of aromatherapy, it is greatly appreciated!

Allison Kontur

The breadth of Robert’s knowledge in the field of essential oils is remarkable. He is a gift to those of us working with these gems of nature. But for me, even more importantly, he is an outstanding teacher.

Maren Good

Excellent presentation by a man who is a walking encyclopedia of essential oil knowledge. A privilege to participate!

Mary Ann B.
Feedback from the Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild Conference, Miami 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s class. He taught me more about essential oils than I would have learned on my own in years.

Maureen Harris-Coyle

Wonderful experience! So much useful knowledge presented in a fun and understandable way!

Margaret H.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate data supported by studies, & exposing the pseudoscience that is in the public arena.

Amanda Frye

You’re quite engaging! So glad you took down Skin Deep! And the lavender oil info was a hoot! Very educational & fun as well.

Karen Hilt

To watch Robert teach is a joy, and his commitment to Aromatherapy education and research is beyond reproach. I am honored to have attended this workshop!

Gina Flores

Wonderfully informative with entertaining delivery.

Leni-anne Shuchter

Totally changed my focus on essential oils!

Joann Diaz

You are fun!

Holly Port

I really liked your easy-to-read powerpoints.

Gaily Thompson

You are a very valuable & knowledgeable person on essential oils.

Donna Pixton-Hacker

Your presentations are always inspiring – can’t wait to get home to my essential oils. I will be sure to follow your website.

Erin Pikor

Very informative & humorous, thank you! Always a pleasure to listen to you. Great handouts.

Christine Balch

Well done, good presentation. A lot of research went into preparing this lecture.

Irvin Brown

I hope you are invited back in the future. We need as much information as possible on essential oils from a professional/expert

Sherry Matranga

We’re on Facebook!

Notes from our Facebook Friends on the Robert Tisserand Essential Training Facebook Page:

This is a great course! I really appreciate being able to access it from time to time for a review. I am working my way through this the second time and taking notes to add to the slides that I can print.

Gail Storment, FB comment

I couldn’t help myself lol I bought it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and the discount put it in my price range. I want to learn more and I’m not looking to get certified, nor can I afford to, so this is perfect!

Heather Hoehler Volner

For those who are serious about using essential oils, Robert Tisserand is a leader in research of oils. He does not represent a company. His is strictly a review of oils and their constituents.

Sharon Reichert, FB comment

Hello Hana & Robert I purchased the online series and began to listen to it…. I love it It is laid out so well and clear to the point. A fantastic refresher course.

Danielle Sade

This is a great course. Well worth the normal price so absolutely worth it at such a discount.
Great course! I need to go back and rewatch everything again.

Chasa Cochran

Seriously, though, if you are into essential oils or aromatherapy at all, you really should check out Tisserand’s work. It’s fascinating, accurate and well researched stuff.

Rachel May Resch

It’s a very good course and this is a very good price!!

Ann MacIntire Woolidge

Highly recommend this class. I took both the online and in person/live versions.

Li Wong

Robert Tisserand is an Oil guru, he has been in the oil industry for years! You may find some useful info in this free guide.

Kat Lowe

This is a great course!

Alecia Buono

I adore Robert Tisserand and all he brings to essential oil community, great man with years of experience and education that I truly respect. I am always watching for his blogs, tips, safety and research. Thank you!

Cindi Anna

Robert Tisserand has been in the field of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for over 40 years.

A few media references from way back:

It is only in the last decade that aromatherapy has begun to make progress in Britain, largely through the efforts of Robert Tisserand.

The Alternative Health Guide 1983

Britain now has its own well-established tradition of lay aromatherapists. One of the most dedicated is Robert Tisserand, whose book The Art of Aromatherapy has been the standard reference work since it was published in 1977.

Beauty & Health in Vogue Spring/Summer 1984

Robert Tisserand is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in his particular field of medicine.

Evening Argus 1985

Robert Tisserand, 42, set up his aromatherapy practice in 1969. Today, he is the United Kingdom market leader with a flourishing manufacturing side, as well as teaching aromatherapy and massage.

Daily Mail July 27 1992