The Complete Skin Series FAQ

The Complete Skin Series FAQs

What is the Complete Skin Series?

It comprises 9 videos of approximately 30-40 minutes each about essential oils and the skin. Each video consists of slides with voice-over by Robert Tisserand. In addition, each video comes with notes in pdf format. These include of some of the slides, and also clickable research citations.

The videos in the Complete Skin Series are:
1. Healing Oils
2. Transdermal Absorption
3. Dryness & Oiliness
4. Irritation & Allergy
5. Sensitivity Issues
6. Microbial Imbalance
7. Trauma & Repair
8. Photosensitization
9. Skin Cancer & Aging


Are the webinars live or recorded?

The Skin Series videos are pre-recorded.


How long will the videos I purchased be available?

Once each video has been released, you have 24/7 access to all of the content, indefinitely.


How do I access the videos and notes?

After you have purchased the Complete Skin Series, you will receive a link and login information via email. When you are logged in to, you will have access to each video and notes. You can bookmark that link and return as often as you need. Only those who have purchased the series will be able to access these links.


Do I need a good internet connection to view the videos?

The videos are streamed, so you do need a reasonably good internet connection to view them. A poor connection will mean buffering may take longer, and this could be frustrating.
Test your computer’s streaming speed by playing the video below:


Are the videos available on DVD?

We have no plans to use DVD format.


Can I download the videos?

The Skin Series is only available at via streaming video.


Can I share my login with a friend?

Please do not. Site use is monitored and sharing a login may result in termination of your access.


Is this a training course? Is there any certification?

The Skin Series is self-educational and does not currently include either assessment or certification. However, this may be added in future.


Can I get CE credits for viewing this course?

No, CE credits are not currently offered.


Will each of the 9 videos be available for individual sale?

At this time there are no plans to offer the videos individually.


How is this video series different from the live weekend seminar?

Live events and recorded webinars each have their own unique benefits and can be combined effectively. The live seminars feature hands-on formula mixing, live Q&A and discussion, and opportunities to network. The video series is a long-term resource with emphasis on in-depth knowledge, including PDF notes with clickable links to scientific research, and you can learn or review at your own pace. Due to time constraints, the live seminar contains only about 70% of the information packed into the 7 hours of video in the Skin Series.


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