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The rise in popularity of essential oils together with, very often, insufficient information on safety precautions in using them, coincides with an increased prevalence of adverse reactions, and it is likely that these are linked.

Learn how to use essential oils confidently and safely.

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Frankincense Oil and Cancer in Perspective: So many people believe that frankincense oil is a proven treatment for cancer, that I receive messages every day asking me how it should be used for all kinds of malignancies.


Tick Talk: Ticks have historically been a minor annoyance and a sort of “occupational hazard” for nature lovers. Due to exponential growth in the number of Lyme Disease cases in recent years, tick bites are becoming a greater source of fear.


Essential Oils and the “Detox” Theory: To meaningfully explore the detox theory, we first need to consider both toxicity and detoxification. Typically, something is considered to be a “toxin” when it contains a potentially harmful or poisonous material that creates local or systemic adverse reaction.


Do we really need to be worried about “cleaning” our receptors? The idea that our cell receptors—cellular signal receivers—may be blocked and unable to function normally is a current theme in food blogging, health guru lectures, and essential oil sales hype.


Can essential oils repair DNA? (the short answer is “no”): Firstly, what is DNA, and why is it important to maintain its sequence as cells divide? If the DNA is damaged, how is it repaired? If the DNA is not repaired, what happens?


New Survey Reveals Dangers of Not Diluting Essential Oils: The importance of dilution before applying essential oils topically is being increasingly recognized by both consumers and corporations, and yet “dilute before use” or similar is insufficient safety advice for some essential oils.

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