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How essential oils work in the body

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What Does the Tisserand Institute Offer?

The Tisserand Institute translates new research and scientific findings on the benefits of essential oils into comprehensive educational material. These benefits include:

Healing and medicinal effects

Psychological wellbeing

Cosmetic and skin-healing effects

Personal and home hygiene

We do this using clinical evidence and credible research. Even our blog posts are edited by acclaimed scientists who sit on our Advisory Board!

Join us as we explore the science, and promote the effective, safe and sustainable use of essential oils in all aspects of aromatherapy.

Free Information & Resources

Tisserand Institute Infographics

Our Infographic Library includes over 50 informative posters that cover a range of topics, from essential oil trivia to new research – there’s a lot to explore!

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Tisserand Institute Blog:
Our Library of Essential Oil Facts

The Tisserand Institute Blog is a library of resources cataloguing the biology, safety and usage of essential oils. Can essential oils repair DNA? Is Frankincense oil a good choice for people with cancer? Why is safety important when using essential oils? All of this and more can be found in our blog.Read the Articles

Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest in Essential Oil Research

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Essential Oil Safety Pages

The Tisserand Safety Pages include safety guidelines, a database of adverse reactions, and other resources related to the safe use of essential oils. The essential oil in a bottle is 50-100 times more concentrated than in the plant, and safety issues apply to essential oils that may not apply to the whole plant or herbal extract. The rise in popularity of essential oils together with, very often, insufficient information on safety precautions in using them, coincides with an increased prevalence of adverse reactions, and it is likely that these are linked.Learn About Safety Ongoing Educational Opportunities

Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils

Participate in Robert Tisserand’s seminar! Dive into more than 6 hours of audio accompanied by over 300 slides used at a 2015 live event in London. Explore the unique insights of this detailed, evidence-based tour of the pharmacology and science behind essential oils and aromatherapy. Highlights include neurochemical effects and the nose-to-brain route, essential oils that stimulate detoxifying enzymes, and citrus oils and breast cancer prevention.Learn MoreGet Course Access

The Complete Skin Series

The Complete Skin Series is a self-study course consisting of nine webinars, along with detailed notes and citations. Learn the importance of precise dilution; to what extent essential oils are dermally absorbed; how to use them to address skin problems such as acne, fungal infections, psoriasis, rosacea and sun damage, and how to make up simple preparations with safe yet effective ingredients! Includes details of unique therapeutic formulations.Learn MoreGet Course Access

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Student Testimonials”I am a botanist, science teacher and former clinical medical technologist, and I really appreciate the research summaries, the references, and your experienced interpretation of the study results. I appreciate your respect for the research and the recognition of its limitations as well. I love the calm delivery, the printable notes, the whole package. “”I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s class. He taught me more about essential oils than I would have learned on my own in years. “”For me, Robert Tisserand is the final word on essential oils, as well as the myth buster and the advocate. He’s also the most gentle and kind presenter I have come across.  “”The breadth of Robert’s knowledge in the field of essential oils is remarkable. He is a gift to those of us working with these gems of nature. But for me, even more importantly, he is an outstanding teacher; having knowledge is one thing, but being able to clearly and articulately impart it is another. He has both, and this indeed is what contributes to genius.  “”I am always so grateful to study with Robert. The general information and even the slightest little details he shares are so valuable and often open up a whole new world. “