Webinar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Webinars


What is a Tisserand Institute webinar?

It is a video of varied length, focused on essential oils in various contexts, such as essential oils and the skin for the Skin Series, or on the mechanism by which essential oils work in the body for the Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils. Each video consists of slides with voice-over by Robert Tisserand. In addition, each video comes with notes in pdf format. These include the research citations, that form the information base for the webinars.


Are the webinars live or recorded?

The videos are pre-recorded.


How long will the webinar I purchased be available?

Once you’ve purchased a webinar, you have 24/7 access to all of the content, indefinitely.


How do I access the videos and notes?

Upon purchase (or release) you will receive a link and login information via email. When you are logged in to TisserandInstitute.org, you will have access to each video and notes. You can bookmark that link and return as often as you need.


Do I need a good internet connection to view the videos?

The videos are streamed, so you do need a reasonably good internet connection to view them. A poor connection will mean buffering may take longer, and this could be frustrating. Test your computer’s streaming speed by playing the video below:


Are the videos available on DVD?

We have no plans to use DVD format.


Can I download the videos?

The Skin Series is only available at TisserandInstitute.org via streaming video.


Can I share my login with a friend?

Please do not. Site use is monitored and sharing a login may result in termination of your access.


How will I know when each video is released?

You’ll be notified by email when a new installment is ready. Simply log in to TisserandInstitute.org to view it. For webinars already released, all the videos will be available immediately after purchase.


Is this a training course? Is there any certification?

The webinar series are self-educational and does not currently include either assessment or certification. However, this may be added in future.


Can I get CE credits for viewing this course?

CE credits are not currently offered, but we are reviewing this.


More Questions?

Email questions@tisserandinstitute.org