Why the Tisserand
Institute was Founded

Because the safe use of Essential Oils could contribute powerfully to the health and well-being of our planet, and every individual. Our goal, therefore, is to inform the world and educate dedicated people about the benefits of essential oils, and their safe usage, based on genuine evidence, scientific data, and credible research. The Tisserand Institute synthesizes and translates new research and scientific findings into comprehensive and meaningful educational material on the benefits of Essential Oils. These benefits include:

  • Dermatological effects
  • Natural perfumery and psychological well-being
  • Healing and medicinal effects
  • Personal, institutional and food hygiene
  • Insect and pest control

Partner with us as we explore the science-based and clinical evidence, and advocate for the wider adoption of essential oils into world awareness and beneficial use.


The Complete Skin Series consists of nine webinars, and evolved from six live webinars, which aired in 2012. Learn the importance of precise dilution; to what extent essential oils are dermally absorbed; how to use them to address skin problems such as acne, fungal infections, psoriasis, rosacea and sun damage, and how to make up simple preparations with safe yet effective ingredients!

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I am a botanist, science teacher and former clinical medical technologist, and I really appreciate the research summaries, the references, and your experienced interpretation of the study results. I appreciate your respect for the research and the recognition of its limitations as well. I love the calm delivery, the printable notes, the whole package.
Char Bezanson
I thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s class. He taught me more about essential oils than I would have learned on my own in years. “
Maren Good
For me, Robert Tisserand is the final word on essential oils, as well as the myth buster and the advocate. He’s also the most gentle and kind presenter I have come across.  “
Maureen Harris-Coyle
The breadth of Robert’s knowledge in the field of essential oils is remarkable. He is a gift to those of us working with these gems of nature. But for me, even more importantly, he is an outstanding teacher; having knowledge is one thing, but being able to clearly and articulately impart it is another. He has both, and this indeed is what contributes to genius.  “
Sherrin Bernstein
I am always so grateful to study with Robert. The general information and even the slightest little details he shares are so valuable and often open up a whole new world. “
Nancy Graves

Our Vision

We are already working on new educational projects that are based on existing knowledge and emerging research. These will be offered in the form of online training in the coming months. We are also working on the formation of an advisory board of experts in the various fields we want to cover.