Raphael d’Angelo MD, Author at Tisserand Institute

About Raphael d’Angelo MD

Raphael graduated in 1976 from the University Of Oklahoma College of Medicine after which he served seven years in the US Air Force Medical Corp. On return to civilian practice Dr d’Angelo spent ten years in rural Oklahoma caring for the local population including many families of the Creek and Cherokee Indian heritage. He is board certified in family medicine and holistic medicine, is a graduate of the ACHS aromatherapy program and is currently in the practice of integrative medicine. Dr d’Angelo has a passion for research on the antimicrobial effects of essential oils. He has lectured throughout the USA and teaches with passion clinical aromatherapy to doctors, nurses, aromatherapists and other health professionals.

AromaTab™ – A Novel Essential Oil Tablet

by Raphael d’Angelo MD Background The human immune system must deal with a host of microbial and infectious agents throughout a person's life. Such challenges come from viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and those organisms that do not easily fit such well-defined categories. The drawback to a conventional approach is that antibiotics do not address most

March 13th, 2015|