Recommended Reading

Fragrance & Wellbeing

Aromatherapy and the Mind

Written by: Julia Lawless
Published: 1995
Page Count: 240
Price (USD): 80.00

Amazon blurb: “Offers an exploration into the realm of fragrance. Throughout the history of civilization, perfumes, incense and aromatic plants and oils have been used to enhance human experience, and today aromatherapy is attracting widespread interest. We are all aware of our individual responses to fragrance, but the psychological and emotional effects of essential oils have been little explored. Can aromas be used therapeutically to bring about predictable results? Here the latest scientific research, primitive beliefs and traditions re-examined in an analysis of the development and role of fragrance – and its promise of healing for the human psyche.”

Fragrance and Wellbeing: Plant Aromatics and Their Influence on the Psyche

Written by: Jennifer Peace Rhind
Published: 2014
Page Count: 448
Price (USD): 45.00

Amazon blurb: “This book explores the impact of fragrance on the psyche from biological, anthropological, perfumery and aromatherapy viewpoints. Beginning with an exploration of our olfactory system and a discussion of the language of odour, the author examines the ways in which fragrance can influence our perceptions and experiences. She introduces us to a broad range of fragrance types – woody, resinous, spicy, herbaceous, agrestic, floral and citrus, as well as the attars that form part of Unani Tibb medicine. Traditional and contemporary uses and the mood-enhancing properties of fragrance types are presented. The book then provides an overview of the theoretical and philosophical frameworks that have been used to analyse how and why we choose fragrance. Finally readers are given guidance on how to cultivate their olfactory palate, which reveals a new dimension in the use of fragrance to enhance wellbeing.”

Listening to Scent: An Olfactory Journey with Plants and their Extracts

Written by: Jennifer Peace Rhind
Published: 2014
Page Count: 160

Amazon blurb: “The olfactory journey described in this book introduces readers to the pleasures and benefits of educating and training the ‘nose’, our olfactory palate. Jennifer Peace Rhind explores the process of cultivating our sense of smell and demonstrates how the process itself can be therapeutic and enjoyable, as well as informative. She highlights the different skills involved, from olfactory vocabulary, awareness, and memory, through to discrimination and fragrance creation, and the activities that can help to acquire them, emphasizing the value of experiential learning. She describes the Japanese art of koh-do or the ‘way of incense’ and suggests ways of creating group events inspired by this. Based on her twenty-five years’ experience working with essential oils and aromatic plant extracts, she also leads the reader through a variety of scent families, with information on the botanical source, odour profiles, olfactory notes, and suggestions for comparison with other scents. This method of educating and training the ‘nose’ is fascinating, challenging and life-enhancing and will be of interest to anyone eager to develop their sense of smell, and of incalculable use to aromatherapy students and practitioners who must acquire these skills for their career.”

The Aromatherapy Garden: Growing Fragrant Plants for Happiness and Well-Being

Written by: Kathi Keville
Published: 2016
Page Count: 276
Price (USD): 24.95

Amazon blurb: “The Aromatherapy Garden explains how fragrant plants can be as therapeutic as they are intoxicating, and how easy it is to add this captivating element to gardens large and small. It reveals the scents, secrets, and science behind fragrant plants, and how to optimize the full benefits of fragrance. Hone your powers of concentration with lemon verbena. Beat the blues with wintersweet. And use rose geranium to relieve anxiety and stress. Revealed here are the scents, secrets, and science behind plant aromatherapy, and how to optimize its full benefits. Detailed plant profiles will help you create a beautiful source of restorative aromas, oils, sachets, teas, and more. The nose knows—and with Keville’s expertise, now you too can create your own sanctuary of health and happiness”