Carolyn Song: “There was this whole new world spread in front of me that I never have even imagined before.”

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The Tisserand Institute is made up not just of our tutors and core team, but also an incredible body of passionate students who come from all over the world. We want to give them the floor to share their stories and their experience with us.

Even if she does not (yet) have a career in aromatherapy, Carolyn Song is passionate about essential oils and learning all about them. She was visiting a friend in London when she participated in a workshop and conference organized by IFPA where Robert’s talk inspired her to want to learn more, discover the world of essential oils. She had to wait for nearly a year before we opened our first course, but has been studying at the Tisserand Institute ever since. It’s a great privilege for us to know Carolyn trusts us as her source of information! And it’s always amazing to have her in a class. 

The interview was conducted by Rachel Andorfer Captions have been edited and you can turn them on or off as you prefer.


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