Cyrene Banerjee: “I can stand up anywhere in the world and back up what I say with confidence.”

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The Tisserand Institute is made up not just of our tutors and core team, but also an incredible body of passionate students who come from all over the world. We want to give them the floor to share their stories and their experience with us.

Cyrene Banerjee is an essential oil educator and facilitator spending her time between Canada and India, where she is a part of Heartfulness Institute, a compound that hosts tens of thousands of meditators every year. She came to the Tisserand Institute to deepen her understanding of essential oils, and has since gone through several of our courses more than once. She said she appreciates the fact-based education that gives her confidence when educating others, and that she loves being connected with students from all over the world. She also noted that the courses are structured in a way that means both beginners and experienced people get valuable information from them. 

You can connect with Cyrene through the Heartfullness institute, and you can watch the transformation of the area she mentions in a video here.  

Rachel Andorfer conducted the interview below. Captions have been edited and you can turn them on or off as you prefer.

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  1. Cyrene your interview is so informative and engaging. Ive enjoyed being a cohort and also hope to stay connected. Kudos and blessings for project in India and canada.


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