Project Description

New research: Inhalation of essential oil blend significantly increases quality of life and sleep quality.

A 2017 randomized controlled trial compared the effectiveness of aromatherapy and acupressure massage on the quality of life in career women. 132 participants were equally assigned to four groups: placebo, Lavender, blend of Lavender, Clary Sage and Marjoram (equal parts), and acupressure massage.

The placebo and aromatherapy treatments consisted of a 20 minutes long diffusion three times a week with water, or water plus 5 drops of Lavender, or 5 drops of EO blend in an ultrasonic diffuser. The acupressure massage was given for 45 minutes once a week. Quality of life and sleep quality scores were taken at the beginning of the trial and after four weeks.

The aromatherapy blend had the greatest positive effect on both measured scores, with a sleep quality increase of 46% and quality of life increase of 39.7%. Both the Lavender inhalation and acupressure massage had significant, yet lower effects. The placebo group saw little to no improvement.

This shows that a blend of essential oils may be more effective than a single essential oil, presumably due to a synergistic effect. Whether this is fragrant synergy, pharmacological synergy or both is not known.

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