Aromatherapy massage for menstrual pain


Today’s edition of The Powers of Aromatherapy focuses on massage for menstrual pain using essential oils at 3-5% dilution.

This area is well-researched and exceptional in the collective evidence that is available. The six studies outlined in our infographic include comparisons with: plain oil massage, synthetic fragrance massage, conventional analgesics and no intervention at all. One cross-over study is featured. In a cross-over study the treatment and placebo groups are switched for the second part of the trial. (open access)…/PMC3…/pdf/ECAM2013-742421.pdf (open access)…/PMC3…/pdf/ECAM2012-187163.pdf (open access)

In every case, aromatherapy massage was significantly more effective. We can therefore conclude that there is solid evidence for using aromatherapy massage in alleviating menstrual pain.


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