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It’s Q&A Tuesday!

Question (by Liane Reimer): I can’t find any information on the benefits, safety issues, and other attributes of coffee essential oil.

Answer: If you like the smell of coffee, you will probably like coffee oil. This is a “mechanically separated” oil, and is not produced like any other essential oil It’s a product of the coffee industry that is generally used in flavoring.

One potential safety issue is that it contains a small percentage (0.5-1.5%) of caffeine. The amount of caffeine that would get into the body from using 1 drop of coffee oil with 1% caffeine (0.04 mg caffeine) is 2500 times less than from an average cup of coffee (100 mg caffeine) so even those who are hypersensitive to caffeine are not likely to have a problem. As far as caffeine is concerned, it is certainly safe in pregnancy.

There are also some very nice CO2 extracts, produced in the usual way from roasted coffee beans and with about 0.5% of caffeine. Caffeine does have cosmetic uses, for example it supposedly stimulates hair growth