Diffusion guidelines


Safety guidelines for diffusion:

“Intermittent diffusion is much more effective, as well as being safer, than continuous diffusion. Intermittent means 30-60 minutes on, then 30-60 minutes off.

This is because our body, especially our nervous system, habituates after this length of time. With continuous diffusion, while benefits do not increase, there is evidence that the body becomes stressed in various ways.

However, very low levels of diffusion – so the essential oil is barely noticeable – are fine anywhere, for any length of time.”
~ Robert Tisserand




  1. Hello Robert!

    Long time reader, huge fan of your work and public awareness efforts. I wanted to ask if it was possible for you to share the literature you mentioned about the body being stressed by over exposure to diffusion.

  2. Hello:)) – I was told that even if you cannot smell the oil aroma coming from the diffuser, that oil is still doing its job. Can you please explain what that means? Thank you!

    • Hi Marianna, When we diffuse, we can become ‘nose blind’ to the essential oil fragrance in the room pretty quickly. This simply means that we become used to the aroma, similar to the way we become used to many other smells in our home. Intermittent diffusion can help with this. You may also need to adjust the amount of oil you are using in your space, depending upon room size, diffuser size, air flow and other factors, though generally this is mostly related to simply becoming nose blind to an aroma thats been running for awhile. 🙂 ~Shane (shane@tisserandinstitute.org)


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