Essential oil mythbusters #2


At the Tisserand Institute we believe that essential oils can do many wonderful things, but their proclaimed benefits should be rooted in solid science. The second series of myths busted are ones that talk about the powers (or lack of thereof) of individual essential oils:

The “Frankincense is the best essential oil to use for cancer” myth – busted HERE 

The “Lavender and Tea tree will make your toddlers grow breasts” myth – busted HERE and HERE

The “Lavender oil is a skin irritant” myth – busted HERE

The “putting essential oils in your eyes will help your eyesight” myth – busted HERE

Stay tuned for more mythbusting!


  1. You spent years prontoing your training in thd UK.. now you are rebuffing many things you wrote about in the books which became our aromatherapy bibles…how does this leave aromatherapy training now and what validity does it have in thde UK going forward
    ? ??

    • I am rebutting some of the myths I see commonly propagated by others – not by me – I have never made any of these claims!

  2. I know that frankincense oil can be helpful for any skin malady. It soothes burns and rashes and stops the skin from prematurely aging right in its tracks.


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