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Did you know that Hydrosol and Essential Oil Contain the Same Constituents but at Different Ratioss? #TisserandInstitute #Infographic #EssentialOils #Hydrosol #Constituents

Did you know that the hydrosol and essential oil from the same plant contain the same constituents but often at very different ratios?

Because the hydrosol only contains about 0.05% of aromatic constituents, they are able to dissolve in this watery medium as they are partially water soluble.

Just to be clear, in the example below the actual percentage of terpinen-4-ol in lavender hydrosol 0.0075% of the total hydrosol and the percentage of linalyl acetate is 0.000025%.

We can see from this example that terpinen-4-ol has more water solubility than linalyl acetate.

Because hydrosols are 99.95% water, they are inherently safer than essential oils.