Lavender hydrosol – proven remedy for centuries


Today’s spotlight is on lavender hydrosol

Lavender water, or hydrosol, has been used for centuries, and is mentioned in Nicolas Culpeper’s Herbal, written in 1652: “Two spoonfuls of distilled water of lavender help them that have lost their voice, the tremblings and passions of the heart, and fainting and swoonings, applied to the temples or nostrils, to be smelt unto.”

Lavender water or essential oil was already a staple in toilet waters containing some alcohol and other aromatics. Interestingly, it was perceived in previous times as more reviving and fortifying than calming. It was also widely reputed to be a cure for “palsy” – paralysis – though this is no longer considered valid.

Although lavender hydrosol has not been the subject of much published research, some applications have been well tested through time. It is very helpful for diaper rash, sunburned or irritated skin, and can ease anxiety, stress and insomnia. Just put some hydrosol into a spray bottle and apply as needed. No need to worry about dilution!

Hydrosols are best stored in the fridge.


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