Aromatherapy – placebo or not?


Today in Powers of Aromatherapy! A retrospective study compiling 18k+ aromatherapy sessions proves that aromatherapy truly “is a thing”.

Most doctors still believe that aromatherapy is no more than placebo. However, the study linked below shows otherwise and the body of evidence cannot be ignored. The effects of essential oils have been proven again and again, and the more research there is, the more we see the real benefits.

Here’s a link to the research¬†

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  1. I am an aromatherapist and do voluntary work with cancer patients within a hospice environment. I use Lavender, chamomile and neroli which are wonderful relaxing and calming oils plus analgesic for these patients.they love been massaged and listen too which really have a positive outcome on their well being during their cancer journey.


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