Free Research | Did you know that you can get free, open access research?


Did you know there is free research available online?

PubMed Central is a gateway for open access research papers from all the sciences, and it has thousands that are relevant to aromatherapy.

Go to and put in a keyword (such as lavender), then add more by using AND between them (e.g. lavender AND oil AND anxiety AND massage).

Then click on the title of any selected paper to read the full text or download it as a PDF to print or read later.

Most research papers have to be purchased (though you can read abstracts, or summaries, for free) and the average cost is around $45.00. So PubMed Central is a great resource where all the science is free of charge. It isn’t perfect (you don’t get to see all the research) but it is a great way to dip your toe into the research pool.

So the next time you are told to “do your own research”, you know where to go.


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