Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski: “For me, the courses that are provided by Tisserand Institute are just the source that I can trust. “

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The Tisserand Institute is not just its tutors and core team, but also an incredible body of passionate students who come from all over the world. We want to give them the floor to share their stories and their experience with us.

Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski is a UK-based aromatherapy consultant and essential oil educator with several decades of experience in aromatherapy. Her school, Aroma Essence, is recognized by national and international associations. She developed a comprehensive diploma program that is endorsed by the UK Complimentary and Natural Health Council, and she also works as a consultant for private clients. So why would such an accomplished educator need more knowledge you may ask? “I think as an educator, I feel quite responsible for what I tell my clients, for the advice I offer, for the information I share. What am I going to do to keep up?”

One of the integral aspects of any Tisserand Institute course is the fact that we keep up to date with developments in essential oil research and present the newest science available. This is exactly what Margareta comes for. As she said in her interview: “There’s always something that either confirms my knowledge or adds to it, or there is a bit of a research that catches my attention, and there is always a little dose somewhere that allows me to grow from it. … I think everyone needs to have some sort of a point of reference that we can trust. And for me, the courses that are provided by Tisserand Institute are just the source that I can trust.” 

We feel honored to be viewed as such a trustworthy source, and will continue with our commitment to keep our information in step with the growing body of essential oil knowledge.

The interview was conducted by Rachel Andorfer. Captions have been added, and you can turn them on or off as you prefer.


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