Cognitive Health and Essential Oil Research: an Interview with Mark Moss

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When reading research papers we have realized that very often there is a gap, sometimes even a chasm, between how scientists understand the use of essential oils and how the oils are actually used. To address this we wanted to communicate directly with the researchers and bring the two worlds closer together.  In this new interview series, Robert sits down with prominent researchers who study the effects of essential oils, and talks to them about their work and how it fits into the greater scheme of aromatherapy.

If you are at all interested in essential oil research chances are you have come across the work of Dr Mark Moss. His papers on the effects of diffused Rosemary essential oil on our memory helped establish inhalation as a suitable and low-risk intervention, and we featured his team’s work on Peppermint and aggressive driving. We also dive in our AromaPsychology course, in the lessons focused on Cognition and Memory.   

Dr Moss was a founding member of the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (now the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre) at Northumbria University. His main research interests relate to the modulation of cognitive function and mood through natural interventions, with a current focus on phyto-aromatics. You can find his profile here

While being aware of each other’s work for quite some time, this was the first time Robert and Dr Moss met and they indeed had a lot to share! 

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