Michael Leon on Olfactory Enrichment and Aromatherapy

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When reading research papers we have realized that very often there is a gap, sometimes even a chasm, between how scientists understand the use of essential oils and how the oils are actually used. To address this we wanted to communicate directly with the researchers and bring the two worlds closer together.  In this new interview series, Robert sits down with prominent researchers who study the effects of essential oils, and talks to them about their work and how it fits into the greater scheme of aromatherapy.

Interview number one is with Dr Michael Leon. He is one of the authors of a study that made waves in the summer of 2023 – the one where diffusing essential oils at night improved memory by a whopping 226%. We were excited and skeptical in equal measures, especially since Dr Leon made a claim that diffusing essential oils is – somehow – very different from aromatherapy. Robert of course asked about that, as well as the validity of the results, and possible future studies. You can watch the interview below.

You can learn more about Dr Leon’s impressive background here.

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