Paula S. Begel Interview

by | Aromatherapy, General

Paula S. Begel is an aromatherapist, massage therapist, martial arts veteran and personal trainer. She has been practicing aromatherapy and massage for over 20 years and is involved in very interesting projects. Robert Tisserand sat down with her during the 2015 AIA conference in Denver to ask her about her work and successes.


Paula shares some insights on how a holistic aromatherapist works; she talks about how she goes about creating a blend, about the importance of not using the same blend indefinitely, and how even low dilutions (1-2%) can significantly lessen the need to take pain medication. Her approach to holistic aromatherapy incorporates many different modalities, such as massage, acupuncture etc., to obtain optimal results.


To learn more about Paula, visit her website:




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