Aromatic Chemistry

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Fundamental Chemistry with Dr. Joy Bowles

Molecular Dynamics with Dr. Joy Bowles

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In these two courses, Dr. Joy Bowles, scientist and aromatherapist, will take you down the wonderful rabbit hole of organic chemistry – all the way down to the molecular level – and illustrate in understandable terms ‘how’ essential oils are able to deliver therapeutic effects.

Fundamental Chemistry (Level 1) is a three-part online course that serves as an introduction to organic chemistry and the building blocks of essential oils. Joy will share her unique insights into how essential oils interact with the body on a cellular level, focusing on five key essential oil constituents we wouldn’t want to live without. Completion of this course is a prerequisite for Level 2.

Molecular Dynamics (Level 2) builds on the first course, and goes into chemical structures, nomenclature, and analysis of essential oils. It delves into the relationships between chemical families, and the chemical changes that typically occur over the lifecycle of the whole essential oil – from the plant material to body metabolism after application.