Aromatic Skincare Upgrade (Former Safety 2.0 Enrollee)

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Essential Oils for Healthy Skin, 2nd Edition

Essential Oil Safety Masterclass (2024)

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This product was created for those who have previously purchased Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition, and would like to upgrade to the Aromatic Skincare bundle. This product is only authorized for use by the individual it was sent to. Unauthorized use will result in course suspension until balances are paid.

This product will get you back on track for our Diploma in Aromatic Science by enrolling you in the following courses:
-Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition
-Essential Oil Kinetics
-Diploma in Aromatic Science 2023 Module

You can find our policies regarding payment and readmission here:


A two-part online certification program instructed by the author of Essential Oil Safety and one of the world’s leading experts on essential oils. Start with a thorough examination of safety, and then get to grips with the most current knowledge in skin healing – all rolled into one complete 18-week program.

Part 1: Essential Oil Safety Masterclass is an eight-lesson course that explores the science of safety and the reasoning behind safety guidelines. Discover how essential oils work in the body, identify constituents responsible for certain properties, evaluate risks against benefits, and calculate proper percentages to make informed decisions for yourself, family, friends, and clients.

Part 2: Essential Oils for Healthy Skin is a nine-lesson course that reviews the effects of aromatics on skin health based on current research and clinical case studies. We’ll address common skin ailments and learn proper techniques for blending essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and active fatty oils, to promote healthy and radiant skin. New and updated in 2023!

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