Diploma in Aromatic Science (2023 Readmission)

$150.00 or $75.00 / month for 2 months

Aromatic Science study group

Beyond the Bottle: 2nd Edition

Biosynthesis: The Origins of Essential Oils

Aromatic Chemistry

The Joy of Research: Evaluating Aromatherapy Evidence

Essential Calculation

Essential Oil Safety Masterclass (Late 2023)

Oxidation & the Shelf Life of Essential Oils

Essential Oil Kinetics Masterclass: From Application to Effect

TI Materia Aromatica essential oil profiles

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This product was created specifically for students that had enrolled in the 2022 Diploma in Aromatic Science cohort, but did not finish their studies. This readmission allows you to re-join the program for an administrative fee to cover the portal costs.

This product should only be used if you were instructed by the TI team to enroll with this link. Unauthorized use will result in course deactivation until the remaining balance of the full course cost is paid.

You can find our policies regarding payment and readmission here:


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