Beyond the Bottle: 2nd Edition Readmission


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This product is for readmission only into Beyond the Bottle 2nd Edition. Readmission applies only when a student has made full payment on a previous cohort of Beyond the Bottle 2nd Edition, and wishes to join a new cohort either to review the material or complete the course if they were unable to do so.

If you have not previously paid for this course, you are not eligible for readmission and need to enroll through our main enrollment process.

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Instructor:  Dr. Petra Ratajc, PhD

This five-part online certification course is a deep dive into how essential oils are made from the soil up. This is the complete journey from cultivation to cracking the lid on the bottle, with highlights on production, sustainability, and quality control.

Should you grow your own lavender for home distillation? How do you know what you’re getting when buying essential oils? Don’t be at the mercy of marketing – gain the power to analyze essential oils by decoding their growing conditions, plant biology, and composition.