The Tisserand Institute Team: Rachel Andorfer

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Sometimes it’s good to switch the camera around and interview the interviewer. You know Rachel Andorfer as the one who talks to our graduates, and perhaps also as the one who tells you all about our upcoming courses through her emails. And while she likes to stay behind the scene, we thought she should (re)introduce herself.  

Other than interviewing and writing emails, Rachel is responsible for our social media posts, and has written wonderful overview blogposts for us: read this one here to get an overview of essential oil extraction, and here on how to start using them safely. 

Outside of the work she does at TI, Rachel is cultivating a wonderful garden and shares her plant growing adventures on her YouTube channel Auxhart Gardening

What makes the Tisserand Institute work possible is a team of dedicated people who build every part of it, and we’re very happy Rachel is a part of that team. 


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