Stephanie Galán: “Knowing about safety is a must for a midwife.”

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The Tisserand Institute is made up not just of our tutors and core team, but also an incredible body of passionate students who come from all over the world. We want to give them the floor to share their stories and their experience with us.

Stephanie Galan is a midwife working in Chile. She and her team use essential oils during labor to help ease the pain, and facilitate a birthing experience closer to nature. She shares her views on essential oil education, the importance of being safe in her practice, and how much she appreciates the fact that she can rely on getting the most updated information. 
You can follow Stephanie and her brand Bastet Aroma here

Rachel Andorfer conducted the interview below with Stephanie. Captions have been edited and you can turn them on or off as you prefer.


  • Rachel, originally trained in Biophysics (BS, Clemson University) and Bioengineering (MS, Clemson University), came to essential oils through a chance reading of a paper about lavender oil and anxiety. After falling in love with natural medicine, she has combined her love of science and essential oils to create The Essential Girl. Through her blog and online courses, she educates people about the science of essential oils on a fundamental level, because she believes you shouldn’t have to be a PhD to understand essential oils.


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