Can Lavender oil cause breast growth in children?

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The claim that Lavender essential oil has been linked to pre-pubertal breast growth in children has been making the rounds since 2007. The most recent publication of cases, in 2019, catapulted this claim back into the spotlight, unfortunately with more sensationalism than solid evidence.

Watch a recording of Robert Tisserand’s presentation where he challenges the link between Lavender oil and actual cases, with the help of new laboratory analyses and an epidemiological study. 

Below you’ll find:

  • A recording of Robert Tisserand’s presentation from October 20, 2021
  • A recording of the subsequent Q&A (video and audio only version)
  • A downloadable handout of the presentation slides – click HERE
  • A downloadable PDF with links to all the research mentioned as well as other resources – click HERE
  • GC-MS reports for the products analyzed – click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (note: We are NOT making a link between these products and pre-pubertal breast growth. The analyses are shared only to show the extent of lavender oil constituents present.)



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