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About Kelly Ablard

Kelly Ablard holds a PhD in Chemical Ecology, an MSc in Primate Conservation, a BSc in Zoology, and is a certified and registered essential oil therapist. Her research interests are in chemical communication, traditional aromatic plant medicine, and clinical aromatherapy. She is dedicated to the global education, research, and sustainable management of aromatic medicinal plants, and to teaching about essential oil-bearing plants and their relationship with the animal kingdom. She is the founder of the Airmid Institute, and is on the Board of the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy, a Director for the United Plant Savers, and is an aromatherapy practitioner, teacher and consultant.

Aromatherapy and Traditional Aromatic Plant Medicine in Peru

by Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT Lemongrass decoction being prepared: Pucallpa, Peru. © Kelly Ablard This study was the first of its kind carried out in Peru to identify and understand the use of aromatic plant medicine (APM) as a form of traditional medicine from the viewpoint of Aromatherapy as practiced in North America,

May 28th, 2016|

Essential Oils of Citrus Prevent Infection in Plants and Animals

by Kelly Albard, PhD Not all microbes cause disease, in fact most of them don’t, but those that do are called “pathogenic”, meaning disease-causing. Pathogenic micro-organisms (PMs), in the form of bacteria and fungi, have plagued modern humans for 200,000 years. Bacteria, nearly as old as the Earth itself, were a dominant life form about

March 7th, 2015|